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Smarter Things: The 4 Best Smart Home Devices Compatible With Samsung SmartThings

* Samsung’s SmartThings line offers more ways to protect your home
* Connect your home devices under one network for better coverage 
* Devices include smart alarms, smart motion sensor detectors and more

Who would’ve thought 30 years ago that one day every device we own would be able to talk to each other? Sure, we may not have perfected intergalactic space travel, but we have successfully created a line of smart home devices that are able to listen to our conversations and anticipate our needs. There’s no question that the age of convenience is here, and at the forefront of it all is Samsung’s smart line of home devices.

So how does it all work? It’s actually relatively simple. By connecting these Samsung SmartThings devices to the Smart Home Hub, they’re able to work together to make your life a little easier. Think of it as the brain that connects every other device in your home.

From your smart smoke detector to window sensors and more, the Smart Hub is one device that ties everything together. With the Smart Hub in hand, here’s a look at 5 must-have home devices that are compatible with it.

1. Ecolink Door/Window Sensor

This smart window and door sensor instantly adds an extra layer of security to your home’s monitoring system. Featuring a refreshingly easy installation process and an extra-long battery life, this sensor device is able to send instant alerts straight to your smart home hub.

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2. Water Leak Sensor

As your first (and only) line of defense, this smart water leak sensor is able to monitor your home’s moisture levels and instantly notifies you in case there’s a leak. With real-time updates, instant trigger notification settings and more, you can rest a little easier with this sensor by your side.


3. Multipurpose Sensor

True to its name, this multipurpose sensor’s able to detect vibration, sudden changes in temperature, when doors open, when they close and much, much more. You can even set it to remind you when you forget to close the garage or when you forgo locking your door at night.


4. Smoke Detector / CO Alarm

This 2-in-1 smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm instantly alerts you in case of an emergency. The smart photoelectric smoke sensor helps reduce the risk of false alarms and can send alerts straight to your phone. While this detector does pair with the SmartThings Hub, it may take a few more steps to install.


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