The Best Silicone Cases for Your AirPods

silicone case airpods
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Apple’s AirPods are beloved for their convenience and compactness. And while freeing yourself from a tangle of cables is great, it’s not without drawbacks. AirPods are easier to lose than wired earbuds, especially because if they slip out of your ear, they’ll fall to the ground.

That’s why it’s important to keep your AirPods case close at hand so you can safely store them when not in use. While many people like to clip them onto their belt loop or bag, Apple’s AirPods case doesn’t come with any way to attach it to a keychain. And the shiny plastic of the Apple case is prone to scratches. The solution is to invest in a case cover for your AirPods case. Most case covers have clips for attaching keychain rings or some other attachment. Best of all, with hundreds of color options available, you can customize your case to suit your style.

One of our favorite materials for an AirPod case is silicone — silicone is temperature-, water- and abrasion-resistant, and it gives the cases a pleasant hand-feel. Silicone cases will also add additional protection to the charging case that comes with the AirPods.

These are the best silicone cases for AirPods to get online. All of the cases on this list allow them to be used with a wireless charger so you don’t have to remove the cover just to charge your headphones. Plus, the battery status indicator shows through the silicone, so you won’t sacrifice any of the functionality of your charging case. We’ve included cases that fit the standard and Pro models.

1. elago Duo Silicone Case

This stylish case has a two-tone design, featuring a contrasting color for the body of the silicone case and the cap. Each case comes with two caps, allowing you to swap them out depending on which color you prefer. Various muted pastel and earth tone shades are available, including pink, coral, yellow and blue. The cases are made from silicone with a non-slip material to keep the charging case in place.

Pros: Stylish two-tone design. Each case comes with two interchangeable caps in different colors for more customization.

Cons: Doesn’t come with any loops or clips to attach to a keychain.

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2. AhaStyle AirPods Case

This silicone case from AhaStyle is available in a variety of stylish, muted colors like burgundy and sky blue, and you can also choose black or white cases. The case has a small silicone loop at the side where a keyring and carabiner are attached. The keyring is removable if you prefer to just carry the case. A thinner material is used at the front of the case, meaning that the LED charging light can be seen through the case. Plus, the bottom of the case has an attached silicone dust cover to protect the charging port.

Pros: Comes with a keyring and carabiner, which are detachable if preferred. Has a cover for the charging port.

Cons: LED light can be hard to see depending on the color you choose.

silicone case airpods Amazon

3. ATUAT Silicone Cover

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about AirPods Pro users. These silicone sleeves are designed to fit the larger size of the AirPods Pro cases. The case is available in over a dozen colors ranging from matcha to orange to midnight blue. The bottom of the case has a cover to protect the charging port, and a small silicone loop on the side attaches to the included carabiner.

Pros: Customized fit for Pro cases. Includes a detachable carabiner clip. Stylish colors.

Cons: LED light can be hard to see through the case.

silicone case airpods Amazon

4. Catalyst Airpods Case

This thick protective case from Catalyst is a great option if you’re someone who’s prone to frequently dropping their AirPods. It comes with a loop and carabiner for securing it to your bag or belt loop. What sets this option apart from others is the unique way it opens. Instead of two distinct pieces, it’s made from a solid piece of silicone with a slit at the top. If you want to access your AirPods, you pull the top down and open the plastic case. This one-piece construction has the benefit of reducing the risk of the top piece falling off or not fitting properly. You can charge through case wirelessly or wired, and a small silicone cover protects the charging port.

Pros: Protective water-resistant design. Innovative single-piece construction. Available in a variety of colors.

Cons: More expensive than some alternatives.

Silicone airpods case Amazon

5. Miracase Cover for Airpods Pro Case

If you want a no-frills option, this protective silicone case doesn’t have any clips or keychain attachments. It’s made from a tri-layer silicone for greater protection from drops and scratches. However, the protective layers won’t add extra bulk, as the overall case is quite thin. The top and bottom of the case are also separate, rather than attached, adding to the cleanness of the look. It’s available in a few different muted colors like “Midnight-Green” and “Sand-Pink.”

Pros: Sleek minimal look. Available in several colors. Smooth, soft-touch surface.

Cons: Some may prefer a case they can attach a clip to.

silicone case airpods Amazon

6. elago AW5 AirPods Case

If you like something with nostalgic appeal, this AirPods case resembles the classic Gameboy console, down to the distinctive dove gray case and red buttons. It has a two-piece design with a loop for the keychain and carabiner. The inside of the case is coated with an anti-slip material that’s designed to hold the parts of the case snugly. The bottom has a cutout for the charger, and it can also be used with wireless chargers.

Pros: Nostalgic novelty design, anti-slip coating keeps the case in place. Compatible with wireless chargers. Has a loop for the included keychain and carabiner.

Cons: Included carabiner could be better.

Silicone airpods case Amazon

7. LEWOTE Airpods Silicone Case

Many of the cases on this list are designed to be sleek and streamlined, but if you’d prefer something with more personality (and don’t mind that it takes up more space), then consider this stylish case. It’s avocado-shaped and has a colorful layered design of a split avocado with a smiling face. It also has a silicone-covered carrying loop. Despite the bulky size, the charging port is left accessible.

Pros: Cute novelty design. Bulky and protective. Includes a stylish matching carrying loop.

Cons: Top part can occasionally come loose.

Silicone airpods case Amazon

8. DamonLight Premium Silicone Airpods Case

This stylish option is available in a variety of two-tone colorways like red and blue, pink and ice blue, plus a variety of muted solid colors like black and white. It has a separate top and bottom component, rather than a hinged design like some options. A sleek round carabiner clip is included so you can attach it to your bag or belt loop. There’s a cutout for the port, allowing you to charge your AirPods.

Pros: Multiple colorways available. Unique stylish and functional keyring carabiner.

Cons: Colors may look a little different in person.

Silicone airpods case Amazon

9. Filoto Airpods Case Cover

If you want something that’s playful and colorful, these cases from Filoto come with fun matching accessories. The silicone cases are available in plenty of colors, many of which have glitter for a shiny look. Each case is attached to a gold-tone metal keyring with a clip. And at the end of the clip is a detachable faux-fur plush that’ll make it all but impossible to lose the case. Plus, a silicone band is included for clipping your headphones to each other, which is ideal if you’re running or working out with them.

Pros: Includes fun accessories like a matching pom-pom, gold-tone key ring and straps.

Cons: Straps are somewhat flimsy.

silicone case airpods Amazon