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On Key: 7 Ultraportable USB Drives You Can Carry on Your Keychain

* Unique, practical, tiny flash drives that fit on your keychain
* From 8GB to 32GB of storage for real usability
* All under $30

Although cloud storage has become a convenient way to store and access your files, it still has major drawbacks. With high prices, a dependency on the service provider, network access, and finicky speeds, many people still turn to USB flash drives as a reliable way to store and transport files.

Thankfully, USB flash drives have come a long way since the chunky blocks people used to carry around in their backpacks. Today, decently priced flash drives with a very usable amount of storage can be the size of a coin, and fit seamlessly on your keychain for easy transportation to and from work or school.

We’ve pulled the highest reviewed mini USB flash drives from Amazon and put together this list of the top 7. Most are waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, and all have between 8 and 32GB of storage (for more storage, check out our 4 best hard drive list).

1. Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive

Incredibly low-profile and very well priced (but only able to fit 8GBs of data) this Sandisk Cruzer is great if you don’t carry a large quantity of files but want the advantages of a tiny flash drive.


2. Sandisk Cruzer Blade Flash Drive

The Sandisk Cruzer Blade is slightly larger, but still very small considering it packs a respectable 32GBs of storage.


3. Kingston DataTraveler Flash Drive

This Kingston DataTraveler offers the benefits of a tiny flash drive by fitting seamlessly on your keychain, and looks sleek and stealthy.

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4. Silicon Power Flash Drive

The Silicon Power flash drive features one of the most ergonomic, stylish designs of the bunch. It comes in bright pink or blue, and hooks onto your keychain or bag to be easily carried everywhere.



5. Transcend JetFlash Flash Drive

This sleek Transcend JetFlash flash drive is almost unrecognizable when inserted into your laptop, and comes with Transcend’s high-end data management software.


6. Samsung BAR Flash Drive

Samsung’s BAR flash drive is minimal, powerful, and X-ray proof – an under-appreciated flash drive feature. It’s also magnet-proof, water-proof, shock-proof and temperature-proof, meaning it’ll hold up to any conditions.


7. Samsung Flash Drive Fit

In terms of mini flash drives, the Samsung Fit is unbeatable. Its ridiculously small, and somehow manages 32GB of storage.

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