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Our Favorite Govee Smart Lights Are Up to 41% Off, Including The Egg Shaped Rechargeable Night Light

The best smart lights and best smart string lights nearly always feature items from Govee, and that’s because they really know what they’re doing. Govee smart lights come in an array of different styles, but they all share the fact that they’re generally very easy to use, have an incredibly array of functions, and a lot of them are also on sale today with up to 41% off.

Each of these serves a different purpose, but whether it’s for outdoor string lights, a stylish indoor lamp, or just a night light for the kid’s room, this sale has something for everyone. These lights are great because, no matter the room they go in, they can blend in perfectly when needed, or stand out when there’s a party, or a specific vibe is essential.

SPY has gone through the items on sale to pick out a varied list of smart lights that can be of use to just about anyone. They’re all a good mix of value normally, but with these discounts they’re an especially attractive purchase, so order them today if they look like what’s needed, or what’s wanted.

$79.99 $99.99 20% off

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This beautiful and stylish light doesn’t look like much when it’s off, but when it’s on, it can emit up to 16 million different colors, can color change, has a music mode, and can fit into any room.

$21.99 $36.99 41% off

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These outdoor string lights go perfectly on balconies, patio furniture, or even hedges, and can help set the mood thanks to 15 dimmable white LED bulbs, and they’re IP65 waterproof and shatterproof too.

$44.99 $65.99 32% off

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These light strips go great in any room and can be used for custom colors at any time, have music sync for better parties, and have several presets to use as well.

$49.99 $79.99 38% off

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This device is a great addition to any room with kids, because it not only serves as a customizable night light, but is also a night light as well. It helps them go to sleep, and can be used to wake them up as well.