This $14 Accessory Lets You Connect to Your Wi-Fi Network With Just a Tap, no Password Needed

keewifi smart wifi router
Image courtesy of Amazon
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If you’re sick of needing to enter a different password for every device you own, Boy Genius Report has found an awesome product for you. Find out more from BGR and shop below:

From BGR:
Can you imagine how unsafe it would be to use your home Wi-Fi network without a password? On the other hand, can you imagine how convenient it would be? Well guess what: there’s a nifty little $14 gadget on Amazon that gives you all the security of password protection with none of the hassle of actually having to type out that 25-character password to connect to your network. It’s called the Keewifi kisslink Wireless Smart Router and Range Extender, and it lets you connect your devices securely with just a quick tap. That way no one outside your home can connect, but people inside can access the internet in seconds.

wireless smart router amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

In addition, it’s also designed for easy installation with a foolproof instruction guide that allows you to get it all set up in about thirty seconds flat. Best of all, it also feature app support for IOS and Android devices, which allows you to manage your Wi-Fi network and devices locally or remotely. 


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