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Wrist Assist: 6 Savvy Smartwatches To Pair With Alexa

* Smartwatch capabilities coupled with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant
* Picks for men, women and those with discerning taste
* You’ll (almost) never have to pull your phone out again

Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to pull your phone out of your pocket or purse to send a text or check your email ever again? Who wouldn’t want that freedom. Better yet, wouldn’t it be ideal to simply voice your wants and desires and have them miraculously happen or appear? Of course!

We’re still a few years from that becoming a reality, but for now, you could pick up any one of these smartwatches and not only check email or send a text message hands-free, but also add items to your Amazon cart thanks to Amazon Alexa.

Each of our picks are fully functioning smartwatches, meaning things like text messages and emails will be routed to your wrist, as well as being able to create calendar events or even check the weather. In addition to those niceties, Amazon’s Alexa has been integrated into each one, which makes them perfect for Prime members or those with an Amazon Echo (or Dot) and any number of connected devices at home, like smart bulbs, a baby cam or even a Nest thermostat. Have Alexa do the work for you.

We’ll soon be navigating the world by voice, so it’s time to put down your phone and start talking aloud.

1. Martian AE01

At first glance, the Martian AE 01 looks exactly like any analog watch, but it can do so much more than tell you the time, which it can do if you ask it. Set any number of customized notifications, so you’re only being interrupted for the most important phone calls, emails or text messages.

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2. Guess Connect C0002M2

If you’re wondering what else you can with Alexa on your wrist, you can ask for restaurant recommendations near you, find the nearest bank, or even ask for driving directions. And that’s without ever having to look at your phone. Sounds pretty convenient, right? Oh, did we mention you’ll be able to remote control your phone’s camera from your wrist?

This women’s watch from Guess features a comfortable white silicone strap and attractive gold and jeweled detailing around the face. Ideal for dressier occasions or everyday errands, this watch will do more than just look good.


3. Guess Connect C0001G5

This men’s watch from Guess tastefully blends the longevity of an analog watch with smartwatch convenience – lasting 3-5 days on a single charge. The black-on-black look is modern and masculine, with the colors on the dial just different enough for you to tell the time.


4. Guess Connect C0002MB4

A smart, sophisticated smartwatch from Guess, this model features a genuine leather strap that will only wear it and look better with age. Quartz movement and tasteful gold finishes make this a watch for a true gentleman – albeit one that’s fully in the 21st century.


5. iMCO CoWatch

The CoWatch ditches everything inherent to analog watches and is 100% digital. The 1.39” high-res AMOLED display flips through multiple faces based on what info you need, so if you’re asking about the weather, it will not only tell you, but also show you. It also doubles as a fitness tracker and will let you know how many steps you’ve taken or what your current heart rate is at. How smart and useful is that?

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Image courtesy Amazon[/caption]


6. Martian Victory

If you’re sold on the benefits of a smartwatch with Amazon Alexa and you’re looking for something a bit more rugged and boxy looking, the Martian Victory is it. The futuristic design belies the thoroughly of-the-moment features, like remote camera controls and Alexa commands for calls, emails, texts and music.

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