5 Kids Smartwatches That Will Make Both Parents and Kids Happy

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It’s not uncommon for kids to want to be like their parents. So if you’re wearing the latest and greatest smartwatch, it might not be surprising to know your child might want one of their own! And while investing in an Apple Watch might be a little too expensive, there are plenty of alternatives that will help you and your child stay connected.

Kids smartwatches look rather similar to the smartwatches we’re all used to but offer a stripped-down approach that puts safety at the forefront. All of these watches on this list include the ability to track your kid’s every move and control what they can and can’t do. Some watches can even go as far as to send your child a message when they’ve left a defined area.

If you want to satisfy your child’s need for a smartwatch but also do it in a way that will help to actively protect them and make your life easier in the process, we’ve got you covered with these five selections.


1. VTech KidiZoom Kids Smartwatch

This kids smartwatch from VTech is full of smart (no pun intended) features that allow kids to have fun while also giving parents plenty of privacy tools. The splash-proof watch is great for active kids and allows them to take videos or selfies. Additionally, there’s an included AR game where you can capture different monsters a la Pokémon. Plus, parents can access photos and videos to ensure their child’s safety.

VTech KidiZoom Kids Smartwatch Amazon


2. Garmin vivofit jr Kids Smartwatch

For those parents who want even greater control over their kid’s smartwatch experience, Garmin’s vivofit jr watch comes with a fully controlled mobile application that can help with chore management while also providing rewards. For example, you can set it so your child will get a reminder to feed the dog and then push it to the vivofit. Once completed, kids will have more fun and games to explore and complete in the included app. This particular version is all Spider-Man branded and allows your child to have a blast with everyone’s favorite wall-crawler.

Garmin vivofit jr Kids Smartwatch Amazon


3. OJOY A1 Kids Smartwatch

A fantastic cellphone alternative, the OJOY A1 Kids Smartwatch has a 1.4-inch retina display, a 2-megapixel camera, 4G LTE, WiFi, and more. The watch has plenty of tracking features for adults who want to keep better tabs on what’s going on with their child, including a companion mobile application. The app also allows parents to help their kids manage their calendar to keep track of after-school activities, alarms, step-counters and more. Plus, you can add it to your existing cellphone plan with ease.

OJOY A1 Kids Smartwatch Amazon


4. Verizon GizmoWatch 2 Kids Smartwatch

Basically a stripped-down smartphone for your child’s wrist, Verizon’s GizmoWatch 2 Kids Smartwatch is meant for kids from four to 12. Powered by Verizon’s network, the watch has GPS location, two-way communication over both voice and text. Perhaps the best feature is included geo-fencing ability, which allows you to set zones and then push messages to your child should they leave the area. The large screen makes it easy to use for smaller fingers, which the durable strap is comfortable for day-long wear.

Verizon GizmoWatch 2 Kids Smartwatch Verizon


5. TickTalk 3 Kids SmartWatch

Similar in look to the Apple Watch, the TickTalk 3 Kids SmartWatch includes a two-way video calling feature that allows parents to talk to their kids over WiFi. Pre-set text messages allow for even faster messaging when you need it. All communication functions between you and your child are handed through the corresponding mobile application. Additionally, you can set up custom alerts to remind your child to do chores or let them know about upcoming appointments. Those looking to set up 4G LTE usage will need to have AT&T or T-Mobile.

TickTalk 3 Kids SmartWatch Amazon


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