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The Best (and Most Discreet) Spy Camera Watches for Amateur Agents

You don’t need to be a secret agent to get ahold of state-of-the-art spy gear. New technologies have made it possible to pack watches, wristbands and even bracelets with powerful HD hidden cameras. Whether you’re a business person, a journalist, a private investigator, a security contractor or even an amateur agent, these spy watches do so much more than simply tell the time.

We’ve rounded up all the best spy watches currently available online. Choose from traditional designs that will blend seamlessly with your business casual outfit, or arm yourself with stylish sports watches with built-in night vision and hidden pinhole cameras.

Want to make sure you can take your spy watch from the office to the gym? No problem. Some designs are great for biking and running. Experience living a bit more like 007 with this brilliant selection of the best spy watches.


1. Camera Loop Video Recorder HD 1080P IR Night Vision


Not only does this spy watch look great, but it also packs a ton of features into a compact package. For starters, it comes with a stunning 1080P camera (with built-in night vision) and offers up to 90 minutes of continuous recording on a single charge. It also features 16GB of built-in memory, which can store roughly five full hours of video. All you need to do to start recording is press the side button and you’re good to go.

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2. 8GB Spy Video Camera Watch


This 8GB Spy Video Camera Watch is designed to look like a rugged sports watch. This spy watch only comes with 8GB of internal storage, but it can record for up to 100 minutes when fully charged. An included USB cord lets users upload footage to computers and also acts as a charger. The hidden pinhole camera records video in 640 x 480 resolution and can also take high-resolution JPG photos. Unlike some other spy watches, this product is also a functional watch, which makes it a discreet product for amateur and professional investigators alike.

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3. Kkeep 1080p Spy Camera


This portable mini spy camera can double as a nanny cam. Recording at 30 frames per second at 1080p, this spy camera features a 160-degree wide-angle lens. When fully charged, the camera can work for 120 minutes between charges, so when worn with the included watch strap, it will have a limited range.

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4. XINDELI Spy Watch


Disguised as an ordinary wristwatch, this hidden camera watch contains a camera that records videos in 1920 x 1080p resolution. It contains a built-in 32GB memory card that can store five hours of video; however, when fully charged, the camera will only operate for 90 minutes at a time. This is a user-friendly spy watch — simply hit a button to start recording and plug the device into your computer via USB to play back your footage. A great option for sleuths and detectives who are always on the go and don’t have time to worry about their watch falling apart.

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5. LTMADE 1080p Spy Camera


The camera is well hidden and users can start recording with a simple tap on the screen. Like a lot of spy watches, this product has a limited battery life. However, the LTMADE spy watch will automatically save videos when power runs low. The camera comes with 32GB of internal memory and is compatible with both Macs and PCs.

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6. HD Hidden Camera Watch


This sleek hidden camera watch comes with a built-in 8GB memory card and boasts high-resolution 1080p recording. With a handy loop recording feature, this hidden camera is as savvy as it is stylish. It’s a great option if you’re dressing to impress and need a watch that makes a style statement as well as being extremely functional and discreet.

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7. HD Spy Wrist Watch Video Recorder


Disguised as an ordinary sports watch, this waterproof hidden 1080P camera packs a wallop. With built-in night vision, 1920x1080p recording capabilities and a 30 frames per second camera, you can capture video easily and discreetly. It’s a bit bulkier and larger than other models, and it contains 32GB of internal memory. This spy watch also includes a button microphone. To review your footage, this spy watch connects to your computer via a USB cable.


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