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One Of The Best Surge Protector Outlet Extenders Is Only $12 Today

Any home that needs one of the best surge protector outlets extenders is in luck today, because this one from Addtam is on sale at 46% off. That discount brings the price from $21.99 to $11.97, which makes it an excellent investment and a great way to protect any number of gadgets, TVs, or PCs that might need a little bit more love. Not to mention an awesome way to add more outlets to any room.

This outlet extender has five outlets on it, along with three standard USB ports and one USB-C port, which is an excellent upgrade from a single outlet. It means that a single outlet can become its own charging hub with ease, and that every single thing attached to it will also fall under the surge protection it offers. It’s easily one of the best surge protectors out there, especially at this price, pairs well with the best Anker chargers for layers of protection on the most expensive gadgets in any home.

Along with surge protection, it also has short-circuit protection, grounded protection, fire-resistance, over-temperature control, over-voltage protection, and internal safety shutters. Basically, it’s Hakuna Matata of outlet extender surge protectors, and that’s more than most people would be able to get for a mere $12.

$11.97 $21.99 46% off

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This awesome surge protector has everything most people need to make life a lot easier, especially for those with a lot of different gadgets to charge. This outlet extender turns one outlet into five, but also has four USB ports as well, making it even more efficient. It also protects all of the things it’s powering from power surges too, which is a nice weight off if electricity spikes are a potential issue.