The Best Tablets Provide Laptop Power in Tablet Form

best tablets 2020
Image Courtesy of Samsung
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Tablets fill that gap between your laptop and your phone. The long battery life and large displays are great for binge-watching your favorite movies and shows on cross country flights and road trips. Plus, they are easy to pack around, especially since tablets are generally lightweight and sport a slim profile you can easily slip in and out of a bag.

When you really get into the nitty-gritty of the capabilities, the best tablets now stand toe-to-toe with laptops. Here’s why:

  • Incredibly sharp, vivid and large displays (iPad Pro, iPad Air)
  • Storage options up to 1TB (iPad Pro)
  • Longer battery life than most laptops (Samsung Galaxy Tab 6)
  • Slim and lightweight (Remarkable 2, iPad Air, Amazon Fire HD 10)

When you pair tablets like the iPad Pro or Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 with a wireless keyboard and a stylus, you essentially have a full laptop — only with a better camera system. So stop thinking of your laptop as a device for only watching movies (although they are great for that). When you take a closer look at the best tablets of 2020 below, you might say goodbye to your laptop, especially if you only use it to surf the web.


1. Best Tablets 2020 — iPad Pro


The iPad Pro is basically a small laptop in a tablet’s body with the camera system of top-tier iPhone models. The base model features 128GB of storage, which is as good as the most highly rated laptops. The liquid retina display, which you can write on using a stylus, looks incredibly sharp and vivid. And the 10-hour battery life will last you virtually all day whether you’re binge-watching videos or taking pictures with the dual-lens 12MP wide and 10MP ultra-wide camera system. On top of all that, it’s slim and light enough to slip right into your bag.

Like all Apple products, it’s easy to use whether you’re a tech-savvy member of Gen Z or an AARP card-carrying Baby Boomer. If you add iPad Pro accessories like wireless keyboards to your tablet setup, then the iPad Pro can fully replace your laptop — unless you do creative work, video or audio editing, or gaming. Still, for the average person, the iPad Pro can do almost everything.

best tablet ipad pro Courtesy of Amazon

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 6


This pricey yet powerful option pairs great with the S Pen to write and markup documents, draw, and take notes right on your tablet. The S-pen even charges when snapped onto the tablet. Pair it with a wireless keyboard, and, much like the iPad Pro, you essentially have yourself a 2-in-1 laptop. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 is more affordable than the iPad Pro, and it has a superior 15-hour battery life. If Android is more your flavor, then it’s hard to look past the appeal of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 6.

best tablets 2020 - samsung galaxy tab Courtesy of Best Buy

3. Amazon Fire HD 10


This isn’t the sexiest tablet on the market today, but it gets the job done. The Amazon Fire HD 10 may not be as flashy or come with as much storage as the iPad Pro or Tab 6, but the 12-hour battery life is better than both the iPad Air and Pro. In addition, hands-free Alexa can make navigating through content and apps as simple as talking. It’s one of the best tablets for entertainment, especially when you consider its small price tag compared to other top-rated tablets. If you mostly want to access apps like Netflix, Spotify, Instagram, Kindle and Amazon Prime, then this affordable tablet is more than up for the job.

best tablets 2020 - amazon fire tablet 10 Courtesy of Amazon

4. ReMarkable Tablet 2


We were big fans of the ReMarkable Paper Tablet, and the ReMarkable 2 is even better. It’s a digital solution for people who still prefer a pen and paper to typing notes on a keyboard. This tablet and stylus feel as though you are righting on paper, but with the benefits of a cutting-edge tablet. For instance, it can automatically convert handwritten notes to text when you need to send your meeting notes to others. It also allows you to write on PDF documents instead of having to use document signing programs like Docusign. Plus, all of the notes you take are saved to the cloud. The display looks more like a Kindle Paperwhite than a typical tablet, as ReMarkable worked with E Ink on its paper tablet. In short, it’s a different type of tablet, but one that makes writing much more efficient and distraction-free.

Right now the ReMarkable Paper Tablet 2 is only available via pre-order.

reMarkable 2 paper tablet Courtesy of reMarkable

5. iPad Air


For power and portability, it’s hard to go wrong with the iPad Air. It has a crystal clear and vibrant 10.5-inch retina display that is especially useful when paired with the Apple Pencil. And whether you are watching movies or getting some work done, the speedy A12 Bionic chip will move things along at smooth speeds. Oh, and this iPad only weighs a pound. This little guy packs a serious punch. With prices starting at $500, it’s slightly less expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 6, although you lose a few hours on battery life. But if you’re looking for an affordable tablet and prefer Apple to Android, then this is the best tablet for you.

best tablets 2020 -  ipad air Courtesy of Best Buy

6. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition


When your kid wants a tablet, but you’re not quite ready to hand over your iPad Pro and let them run wild, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition offers both physical and virtual protection. You can limit the amount of screen time and set additional parental controls. But your kiddo still has plenty of access to books, apps, and videos through a one-year free subscription to Amazon Free-Time. It’s actually pricier than the Amazon Fire HD 10, but the extra $50 is worth the childproofing. There’s no shame in hiring a digital babysitter in the form of the best tablet for kids.

Fire 10 Courtesy of Amazon


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