The Best Tech Under $25 That Actually Works in 2021

Anker Wireless Charger

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The best tech under $25 seems like a gimmick. A fraud. An absurdity. Something that simply doesn’t exist.

It seems like we’ve all been there once or twice. Skimming through Amazon looking through pages and pages of the best tech to find a deal that seems too good to be true. “The best noise-canceling headphones ever! Just $15!” You’re skeptical, but you have hope, don’t you?

So, you go ahead and press that buy button, wait a few days and there they are. Your brand-new noise-canceling headphones for just $15. Only, when you put them on, it’s as if nothing has changed. You can still hear your neighbor’s kids screaming outside, the audio quality is entirely muffled and you think they might have given you an ear infection. You begin to think that sadly, maybe the best tech under $25 actually doesn’t exist.

But, we promise you, it still does. You’re just unintentionally buying crap.

Finding the best tech under $25 isn’t an easy job. You really have to sit down and do your research before committing. Read all of those reviews, check the seller to be sure it’s not a scam and most importantly, you have to note that you’re not going to find many of the most well-known tech brands in the world under $25. If you do, we’re 100% certain that it’s way too good to be true.

With that all said, the best tech under $25 does exist and to make your life a little easier, we went on a hunt to find the best of the best affordable tech for purchase on Amazon. From smart light bulbs to some of the best Bluetooth speakers we’ve seen, see below for all of our top picks.

1. Miady 10000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger

There’s no doubt in our minds that every human with a smartphone on this planet is in serious need of a portable charger. Not to get dramatic, but it’s a hell of a world out there. Although our mega-reliance on smartphones has a blessing and a curse, we have to face the fact that we are reliant. Your phone should be charged and on your body at all times because you never know what could happen throughout your day. Keep it juiced with this two-pack with almost 40,000 reviews on Amazon.


Miady 10000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger Courtesy of Amazon


2. TW Lighting LED Desk Lamp

A touch sensor switch, an extended adjustable neck, a level dimmer and a USB charger for your smartphone? All for just under $19? With over 7,000 reliable reviews on Amazon? It simply doesn’t get any better. Whether you work from home full-time or simply need a small light source for your bedroom or home interior, we think you’ve hit the jackpot.


TW Lighting LED Desk Lamp Courtesy of Amazon


3. LENRUE Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Mini doesn’t mean weak. This portable Bluetooth speaker from LENRUE packs all the power and sound that larger Bluetooth speakers do at more than half of the price. Take your music everywhere and listen for up to five whole hours with a full charge. It’s small enough to fit in your back pocket for easy carry and lightweight enough for you to forget it’s even there, making it an awesome last-minute bring-along for gatherings with friends. Plus, it comes in seven colors to peak your fancy.


LENRUE Portable Bluetooth Speaker Courtesy of Amazon


4. TanTan Mini Smart Plug

If you’re an owner of an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device, there’s a solid chance you’ve begun converting your home into a smart home. Alexa, turn on my lights! Alexa, start up the Roomba! Alexa, set the temperature to 70-degrees! A majority of those items don’t need a smart plug, but if want to convert lamps, radios and more to your voice-controlled device, you’re going to need a couple of smart plugs to help you out. Luckily, you can get four mini smart plugs from TanTan for just $25. And, yes, they work with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


TanTan Mini Smart Plug Courtesy of Amazon


5. LUMIMAN Smart WiFi Light Bulb

Speaking of smart objects, smart light bulbs are an excellent way to light up your home in 2021. With these bulbs from LUMIMAN, you don’t even need a smart plug for voice control through your Amazon Alexa or Google Home even if you’re using a lamp from, like, the 60s. Simply connect both bulbs through the directions included and pick your favorite color to light your space.


LUMIMAN Smart WiFi Light Bulb Courtesy of Amazon


6. Yootech Wireless Charger

With three charging modes available for a multitude of different smartphones and devices, the Yootech wireless charger is seriously in a world of its own. This charger can charge most newer Apple devices (including AirPods), Samsung devices, Google devices and more, making it the one-stop-shop charger for everyone in your household. We know what you’re thinking upon looking at the photo. “I charge my phone by my bedside at night, does that green light turn off?” The answer is yes, the charger recognizes your phone by blinking three times to let users know it’s connected then turn off shortly after so your bedroom won’t be blinded by a green hue at night.


Yootech Wireless ChaYootech Wireless Chargerrger Courtesy of Amazon


7. Anker Wireless Charger

While we’re talking about cordless chargers, another favorite of ours comes from one of the most reliable brands on this list. You already know Anker, but would you be shocked to discover that their wireless charger will only cost you $15? Just like the wireless charger prior, all you have to do is lay your phone down in the provided spot and charging will begin. The only real difference here is that the Yootech lays your phone down while the Anker props it up. Just depends on preference with these two.


Anker Wireless Charger Courtesy of Amazon


8. Aigostar Glass Electric Tea Kettle

Shocked to see a tea kettle? Don’t be. Stop making your tea on the stovetop, people, it’s 2021. There are better, more ways to make tea. This isn’t the Victorian era. The Aigostar Glass Electric Tea Kettle will boil your water in a matter of just a few short minutes, saving you so much time in total. Additionally, it uses high-quality, durable glass so you never have to worry about shattering during the heat-up process. Typically, this electric tea kettle is around $30, but right now on Amazon, you can get it for just $25.


Aigostar Glass Electric Tea Kettle Courtesy of Amazon


9. Roku Express

You’ll get the whole shebang with the Roku Express. Movies, television, music — whatever. Easily use all of the streaming platforms you pay for and find them in one place. With the Roku Express, you’ll also get Roku Originals plus free Live TV. Set up is effortless, too. Just plug it into your TV and it’s up and going. All that for just $25 is more than just a steal.


Roku Express Courtesy of Amazon


10. YI 1080p Smart Home Camera

Need a little extra security for your home but can’t afford one of those fancy, schmancy cameras? Well, turns out you can. The YI 1080p Smart Home Cameras got all the bells and whistles those security cameras with triple-number price points do. It comes with an AI-powered human detective and rids of any false positives from bugs and other creatures. It also works with Alexa so you can see what the camera picks up on your Echo Show.


YI 1080p Smart Home Camera Courtesy of Amazon


11. Cayzor Beard Straightener Comb

Alright, this one is wildly specific, but hear us out. Do you have a beard? Are you pissed about how curly or wavy it is? Well, you’re in luck — Cayzor’s got a beard straightener comb that will flatten out any kinks and curls your facial hair is working with. Not recommended for dudes with shorter beards, because, duh.


Cayzor Beard Straightener Comb Courtesy of Amazon


12. New bee Bluetooth Earpiece

Take your calls hands-free on a budget with the best-selling New bee Bluetooth Earpiece. Calls are crystal clear from both ends so whomever you’re speaking with won’t feel like they’re yelling into a void. It sits comfortably in your ear to diminish any pain you might get from other earpieces and it’s got a 60-day standby time to make your life easier.

New bee Bluetooth Earpiece Courtesy of Amazon