The Best Torch Lighters To Help You Light Just About Anything

best butane lighters

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If you’re looking for a lighter that will pack a lot of power in a small package, then the torch lighter might be for you. Lighters come in a vast variety of styles — you have waterproof lighterscandle lightersrechargeable lighters and even plasma lighters. Whether using this style of lighter for cigar smoking or any other use, the torch lighter is reliable and minimal. Most have a click feature, making them more effective and functional for you.

The main differentiating attribute of a torch lighter is that it uses Butane fuel. That gives it its intense-looking flame. Other characteristics of this lighter typically include a zinc alloy casing and an adjustable flame valve. There are plenty of options available, it just depends on your tastes and preferences. While this lighter has many functions, most on our list are geared towards cigar smoking. Thanks to the strength of the flame, many cigar smokers find they get a more even burn which helps to extend the life of the cigar.

From sleek designs to more colorful and robust options, we’ve rounded up the best torch lighters available right now.


1. TOMOLO Torch Lighter


With almost 2,000 reviews, the Tomolo torch lighter lights up our best overall spot. The Tomolo lighter features a durable zinc alloy casing that’s sturdy enough to handle accidental drops. With a triple-jet flame, this lighter has a stronger flame than most lighters on the market, and it is refillable. Also, the lighter has a cigar punch, making it functional and practical.

TOMOLO Torch Lighter Amazon

2. Zoocura Butane Torch


This torch lighter features a 1.8g gas capacity, which is good for about 500 uses. Made with a heavy-duty zinc alloy, this lighter has three levels of safety protection to ensure that you don’t burn yourself. The Zoocura Butane Lighter lets you know that it’s getting low on fuel with its fuel gauge window. Turn it upside and pour the fuel directly into the lighter.

Zoocura Butane Torch Amazon

3. Vertigo Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter


The price of the Vertigo Lotus Cyclone Torch Lighter is enough to lure in any cigar lover. But add in its eye-catching design and you can see why we love this lighter. This set of torch lighters features a triple-jet flame. Although it’s not filled with features like other options on the list, this torch lighter is effective.

Vertigo Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter Amazon

4. Anrapley Torch Lighter


With a heat-resistant ceramic nozzle to ensure a consistent, durable flame, this lighter is useful and operative. The flame produced is windproof and can climb to the temperature of 2,800 degrees. To adjust the height of the flame, use the flame valve at the bottom of the lighter. It also has a fuel visible window, making it easier to gauge the fuel levels.

Anrapley Torch Lighter Amazon

5. Mantello Torch Lighter


The Mantello Torch Lighter is as effective as it’s sleek. This lighter features a slide-switch triple-jet flame, adjustable gas knobs, textured grip and a cigar hole punch. Its simple features will help you with any of your lighting needs while offering a touch of style.

Mantello Torch Lighter Amazon

6. Kollea Torch Lighter


Perhaps it’s one of the more “fun” options on our list because of its color, but it’s still powerful. Made with a high-quality zinc alloy, this lighter features a rainbow-colored finish. The Kollea Torch Lighter also features a spring-loaded lid that helps you stay safe while it’s not in use.

Kollea Torch Lighter Amazon

7. LcFun Torch Lighter


With a quad-jet flame, this torch lighter from LcFun has utility and design in mind. It’s made with a high-quality zinc alloy and features electric plating. It also has a retractable hole punch, making it easier to smoke cigars.

LcFun Torch Lighter Amazon

8. Kollea Torch Lighter


Kollea’s Torch Lighter features a triple-jet flame and a cigar punch on the bottom of the lighter. This powerful lighter is versatile enough for smoking, grilling, and any other event in which you’d need a lighter. If you don’t mind having to use a screwdriver to adjust the flame size, this lighter might be for you.

Kollea Torch Lighter Amazon

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