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Daily Deal: This $16 Tile Will Make Sure You Don’t Lose Your Keys or Phone

* Never lose your keys, phone, or wallet again
* This Tile connects to your phone, emitting a noise when lost
* Also works backwards, making your phone ring when it’s lost

If you’re prone to losing your keys, phone, wallet, or other belongings, read on.

The best-selling Tile personal tracker is 36% off today at Amazon today, brining the price for a single Tile down to just $16, or a pack of 4 to $45. That’s a small price to pay for a tracking device (others typically start around $50), and it’s certainly worth it if you find yourself constantly replacing things. Just snag these trackers fast – this is a one day deal.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

People lose stuff a lot, whether it’s your wallet in the car, your phone at the restaurant, or just your keys somewhere in the house. But with all the technology available in 2018, such an inconvenience seems silly. That’s where Tile comes in.

The tiny gadget clips onto your keychain or slides into your wallet, and emits a noise when you click a button on the Tile app via your smartphone. But the Tile also works if you’ve left your belongings somewhere far away. The app features a community find feature that allows other Tile users to help find your stuff. The Tile app on their phones connects to your Tile, and sends you updates on where it is.

But the tile also works backwards, if you’ve lost your phone. Double tapping the button on the Tile will make your phone ring – even if it’s on silent.