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Get Hands-on with Your Content by Adding a Trackpad to Your Laptop or Desktop Setup

Trackpads give users a more hands-on experience with their content. They can be especially great for editing photos, videos and PDFs thanks to precision gesturing and pressure sensitivity. Plus, you can get to work on virtually any surface, like a carpeted floor for instance, which cannot be said about a wireless mouse that might struggle with such a surface. A trackpad simply provides an overall more fluid and natural way to interact with your computer.

Before you select the best trackpad for your needs, you should consider:

  • Compatibly
  • Features
  • Wireless vs Wired

Not all trackpads are compatible with both Windows and Mac. In fact, most of them opt for one or the other, so be sure that you are getting a trackpad that works with your machine. And depending on the way you work or interact with your content, you want to ensure that the trackpad has all of the zooming, scrolling and clicking features that you want. In that case, it’s hard to go wrong with the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 or Seenda Touchpad.

Some people prefer the versatility of a wireless trackpad, while others prefer the reliability of a wired connection. Either way, in most cases, you are going to need a vacant USB port either for the dongle or the wired connection. There’s really no wrong choice here.

Speaking of no wrong choices, you can’t go wrong with any of our trackpad recommendations below. Just make sure that your trackpad is compatible with your machine.


1. Apple Magic Trackpad 2


The Apple Magic Trackpad 2 gives both Apple and Windows users the ability to work with a large touchpad surface and take advantage of all the scrolling and multi-gesture features of your MacBook. Underneath the glass surface is four force sensors, so you can click anywhere on the pad and it will register. Those sensors are also pressure-sensitive and recognize multiple and different fingers. This opens up an array of zooming, scrolling and swiping features that make your interaction with the content you are viewing more comfortable and intuitive.

And when you top that off with a battery life that lasts upwards of one month, you have the best trackpad you can buy.

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2. Seenda Trackpad


In terms of overall multi-gesture features, this trackpad is as close to the feature set as the Magic Trackpad 2 as you can get. You can use one finger to click and drag, two fingers to right-click and side scroll, pinch to zoom in and out, three-finger tap to open mission control and four fingers to open the Operation Center on Windows 10. All of these features are packed into a small and slim metallic frame that looks great and plugs right into the USB port on your Windows computer. That being said, it is not compatible with Mac products.

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3. Perixx Peripad-704 Wireless Portable Trackpad


The Perixx Peripad-704 has plenty of multi-touch capabilities, especially for the budget-conscious. It’s $70 dollars cheaper than the Magic Trackpad 2, but has one-finger slide, two-finger scroll and easy zooming along with accurate and sensitive responsiveness. The Perixx touchpad works with Windows 7 and up, but isn’t compatible with Mac products. Just plug the USB dongle into the USB-A port and you’re good to go.

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4. Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard With Built-in Touchpad


A portable keyboard and trackpad combo is especially handy when you are surfing the web or navigating through apps like YouTube on your TV. It is small enough to pack in a bag, leave on an end table in your house, or slide underneath your monitor stand in your office. It connects seamlessly with Windows and Android products and even allows you to adapt and customize Windows and Android shortcuts.

Focusing on the trackpad, it is a bit smaller than your average laptop trackpad but utilizes the real estate on the keyboard effectively. It has two actual left and right buttons for left and right clicks, and with the Logitech Options software, you can customize the trackpad’s shortcuts and gestures. You can pair this with a MacBook, but you won’t be able to use MacBook shortcuts.

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5. Microsoft Arc Mouse


Now you can use your mouse and trackpad without having to move your hand from your mouse. The Microsoft Arc Mouse combines both worlds into a useful and ultra-portable design. The trackpad is the entire surface where your fingertips rest. So, you can maneuver your cursor like you usually would with the mouse, but when you want to zoom in and out, side scroll or highlight, you can take advantage of multi-finger gestures of a trackpad — on your mouse! When you’re done, it folds up into a tiny little square that you could fit in your pocket. This makes it a great option for those who call any tiny desk or coffee shop table their office.

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6. Adesso Easy Cat 2


This wired option works both with Mac and PC (although you’ll need an adapter if you have a newer Mac). The trackpad features both physical right- and left-click buttons and a single finger scroll slider that runs down one side of the trackpad. You can double-tap and hold your fingers on the pad to click and drag items, as well as hold the left button and glide your finger to highlight text. And the pressure-sensitive technology runs edge to edge, so it will remain responsive, even when you get close to the edges. Keep in mind, to get the full potential from this trackpad, you’ll need to download and install the drivers.

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