Create an Optimal TV Viewing Angle for Under $50 With One of These Wall Mounts

best tv wall mounts under 50
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Finding a wall mount for your TV may sound like a pretty straightforward purchase. However, it’s only when you start looking that you’ll realize just how many available options there are at both high and low price points. We’re here to tell you that, unless you need it to do something out of the ordinary, your wall mount doesn’t have to break the bank. Below you’ll find a selection of the best TV wall mounts under $50.

But before we delve into specific products, it’s worth thinking about what exactly it is you need your TV mount to do to give you the best view. To ensure you find the best TV mount for your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What size is your TV and how much does it weigh? From a purely practical perspective, choosing the right wall mount requires picking one capable of accommodating the size and weight of your TV.
  • Do you need your wall mount to turn/tilt/raise/lower? Probably the biggest decision in terms of differences between wall mount models is how much you want your TV to be able to move when it is on the wall. If you need your TV to face different directions at different times, it’s definitely worth investing in a fully articulating mount. However, if you always want the TV in the same spot, you may prefer to choose a non-articulating option.
  • Do you want your TV to keep a low profile? If you’re particularly tight on space or just want your TV to sit as close to the wall as possible, make sure you search out a TV wall mount with a low profile. At their least significant, wall mounts can hold your TV less than 1.5 inches from the wall.

Once you are clear on the above questions, you’re ready to find the right wall mount for your needs. Below you’ll find 14 of the best TV wall mounts for under $50. We’ve covered every base with multiple flat and articulating options. However, if you can’t find one to suit your needs, check out our selection of the best TV mounts on any budget.


1. Mounting Dream TV Bracket


When it comes to mounting a 32 to 55-inch TV on a wall, the Mounting Dream TV Bracket is pretty hard to beat. This upgraded 2021 model includes six articulating arms which allow you to extend your TV out from the wall as far as 16 inches while also moving it from side to side and tilting it. It also comes backed by over 28,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users who love it. You’ll find this smartly designed TV bracket, which is great for concrete or studded walls, includes safety screws to keep your TV in place and a storage space for an allen key to ensure you always know where it is.

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2. USX MOUNT Tilting TV Wall Mount


Given its sub-$20 price tag and 7,300+ five-star ratings, you will struggle to find a more budget-friendly and well-reviewed option than this USX MOUNT Tilting TV Wall Mount. It’s constructed from high-quality alloy steel and is suitable for either studded or concrete wall use. The design includes a tilt function for dealing with glare and creating a more comfortable view. Once installed using the easy-to-follow, three-step process, your TV will sit 1.56 inches away from the wall, making this mount a great option for anyone prioritizing a low profile fitting.

best tv wall mounts under 50 usx mount Image courtesy of Amazon


3. VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount Kit


The VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount Kit is one of the most popular options on our list. It has received over 50,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users who like its extra-long reach, durable construction and budget-friendly price. At its most extended, this wall mount sits 20 inches off the wall and allows you to tilt your TV between -5 and 15 degrees. It’s capable of supporting up to 88 pounds and includes removable mount adapters which let you mount TVs up to 55 inches in size. The design includes two elbows which make it particularly simple to achieve the exact viewing position you’re looking for. In addition, the kit comes with a free six-feet HDMI cable and a magnetic stud finder.

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4. PERLESMITH Tilt Wall Mount


Able to support TVs up to 132 pounds, this PERLESMITH Tilt Wall Mount includes an impressively flexible design that lets you tilt your TV up to seven degrees to find the best viewing angle. It includes an open space for housing cables out of view and an anti-drop function to prevent accidents. The mount can also be installed in less than 15 minutes and holds your TV just 1.2 inches away from the wall.

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5. Amazon Basics Full Motion TV Wall Mount


Thanks to the multiple articulating points, achieving the exact viewing angle you want with the Amazon Basics Full Motion TV Wall Mount is easy. It’s constructed from a mix of heavy-duty aluminum and steel and is capable of housing TVs between 12 and 39 inches in size. When fully straightened, your TV will sit 16.1 inches from the wall. It can also be tilted between -3 and 15 degrees to further improve your viewing experience. Furthermore, it includes a built-in cable-management system and comes with a bubble level and all the mounting hardware you will need.

best tv wall mounts under 50 amazon basics full motion Image courtesy of Amazon


6. PERLESMITH Tilting TV Wall Mount


In addition to home mounting, the PERLESMITH Tilting TV Wall Mount’s low profile seating of just 1.2 inches makes it ideal for shops, hotels, schools and other public spaces. The bracket can attach to multiple wall types including wood and brick as well as walls with studs up to 16 inches apart. Once the wall mount is in place, which can take as little as 15 minutes in the right hands, it can hold up to 115 pounds and screens between 23 and 55 inches in size. Plus, one notable thing about this wall mount is that it also comes in green, as well as the ever-present black.

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7. Everstone Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket


If you’re looking for a TV you can tilt after being mounted on the wall, the Everstone Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket could fit the bill. The dual-bracket mount can accommodate TVs that are between 32 to 86 inches in size and allows for tilting forwards 15 degrees or tilting backward five. It is an ideal option for mounting a range of TV manufacturers including Samsung, TCL, LG, Sony, VIZIO, Panasonic and Toshiba. You’ll also find a built-in system for quickly and easily adjusting the level of the screen. In addition, the mount’s low 2.8-inch profile looks great while also allowing for easy cable management.

best tv wall mounts under 50 everstone adjustable Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Pipishell Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount


The Pipishell Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount is simple yet highly adjustable. The mount offers 360 degrees of rotation, making it ideal for rooms or areas in which you know it will need to move. In addition to tilting, the bracket also lets you adjust the distance from the wall, starting at 2.2 inches up to 14.5 inches. It can also hold TVs between 13 and 42 inches which weigh a maximum of 44 pounds.

best tv wall mounts under 50 pipishell Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Amazon Basics Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount


Like so many of Amazon’s own products, this Amazon Basics Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount does the job it is designed to and all for a budget-friendly price. This articulating mount can house TVs between 22 and 55 inches in size which weigh up to 80 pounds. It’s also backed by over 14,000 five-star ratings from Amazon customers and comes with a bubble level and a range of mounting hardware to ensure you can mount it on your chosen wall.

amazon basics full motion tv mount Image courtesy of Amazon


10. ECHOGEAR Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount


If you’re searching for a reliable and tried-and-tested way to mount a larger-than-average TV on your wall, the ECHOGEAR Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount could be your answer. This mount has received positive ratings from over 90% of users who love its versatile, ultra-slim design. It’s also suitable for a range of different wall types including concrete blocks, wood studs and poured concrete. Additionally, this mount includes a click-lock security system that lets you know when the TV is secured in place.

echogear low profile fixed Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Mount-It! Tilting TV Wall Mount


This Mount-It! Tilting TV Wall Mount’s universal design is able to accommodate practically any and all flat-panel TVs sized between 42 and 80 inches. Thanks to its heavy-duty construction, it’s capable of supporting an impressive 220 pounds. It’s a smart choice for people who want to mount a larger-than-average TV a bit higher up. It’s also durable, has a three-inch profile from the wall and tilts between 15 degrees either way. Furthermore, the mount features a safety screw locking bracket system to ensure your TV won’t move when it’s in place.

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12. Husky Mounts Universal TV Wall Mount


This Husky Mounts Universal TV Wall Mount comes with no assembly required; simply open the box, attach it to the wall and it’s ready to go. The mount is constructed from alloy steel and features a chunkier-than-average appearance in both the bracket and the mount itself. It’s this impressive, heavy-duty quality that makes it capable of holding up to 165 pounds and a solid option for mounting the bigger TVs on the market, maxing out at an impressive 90 inches.

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13. ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating Mount


Looking for a no-fuss TV mount? The ECHOGEAR comes with a simple three-step process to help set up and mount your TV in minutes. With a smooth swiveling design and a built-in 15-degree tilt, you can turn it to avoid sun glare in the afternoon. The mount is able to hold TVs between 26 and 58 inches and a whole range of manufacturers, including TCL, Samsung, Sony and Insignia.

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14. JUSTSTONE Full Motion TV Wall Mount


In a list of TV mounts for under $50, paying just shy of $46 is comparatively expensive. However, an investment in this JUSTSTONE Full Motion TV Wall Mount gives you a high-quality, seamlessly welded wall mount that can house TVs between 27 and 65 inches in size. The heavy-duty frame can also support up to 121 pounds and lets you move your TV from 2.6 to 14 inches away from the wall it’s mounted on. It’s also possible to adjust both the height of the TV by four inches and the angle of the TV to ensure you enjoy the exact view you’re after.

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