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You’ve Got the Power: The 5 Best UPS Backup Batteries Under $100

* UPS backups keep devices online during blackouts
* Easily connect your computer, phone and other devices for coverage
* Choose from different models, brands and styles below

With some of the coldest temperatures in recent history, snowstorms have been wreaking havoc on power lines across the country. If you’re worried about staying online in the dark, you’re in luck. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) helps keep your devices running in case of power failure.

For when you need that little extra ‘something-something’, these UPS batteries are a great bang for your buck.

1. APC Back-UPS 425VA

Ideal for smaller devices, the APC offers peace of mind by providing extra power in case of nearby outages. Simply connect it to your home’s router or any other internet-enabled device to keep them running during power outages.


2. CyberPower Standby UPS System

Sporting four backup surges and outlets, this high-powered UPS system is able to accommodate multiple devices all while the incorporated power management system works to keep your laptops, desktops and other electrical devices safe.


3. APC Battery Backup & Surge Protector

600VA of backup electricity helps power this highly versatile UPS. With seven different outlets, a USB charging port and powerful surge protection, this backup protector offers everything you need to stay connected during outages.


4. Tripp Lite 650VA UPS Battery Backup

Featuring an extra sleek look, this powerful backup battery offers 120V of unlimited electricity. With eight different outlets (four surge-protected and four battery-supported), and a generous three-year warranty, this little UPS is sure to hit all the right spots.


5. CyberPower Intelligent LCD UPS System

The ultimate UPS on our list, this high-powered backup battery offers four surge outlets, four surge outlets, multi-functional LCD status and is able to power (and protect) your devices while reducing energy consumption up to 75%. For this affordable price, there’s simply nothing better.