These USB-C Wall Chargers Will Bring Your Devices Back to Life Quickly

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Not all USB-C chargers are created equal. Only the very best USB-C chargers can bring your devices back from the dead quickly and efficiently. If you have a brand new laptop or other USB-C devices, you’ll be doing yourself a great service by getting a charger that can get the job done quickly.

Fast charging GaN chargers are the cream of the crop, but there are also other options available that are affordable and will get your gadgets back to life without breaking the bank. Gallium Nitride semiconductor chargers, AKA, GaN chargers don’t waste a lot of energy through heat making charging more efficient and quick, but they tend to cost a bit more than other chargers. If you don’t mind missing out on Nitride semiconductors, or your wall charger getting a little warm in the process, there are a number of other USB-C chargers available that will do the trick while also being affordable.

Don’t let a dead battery get your spirits down. Below you’ll find our recommendations for the best USB-C chargers available to get your devices up and running quickly.


1. Hyperjuice GaN 100W Charger


Gallium Nitride semiconductor chargers, or GaN for short, don’t dump energy through heat. Instead, by producing less heat, they makes charging your devices more efficient and faster. You combine that with 100W worth of charging power that this Hyperjuice produces, and we’re talking one fast charger that remains cool while doing it. Plus, it can charge up to four devices at once.

Hyperjuice GaN 100W Charger Courtesy of Hyperjuice

2. Anker Nano II 65W USB-C Charger


If you don’t want to fork out the hundred for the Hyperjuice charger, the Anker Nano II is a cheaper, yet powerful alternative. It uses GaN technology as well to efficiently charge your devices quickly without your charger feeling like it just came out of the oven. It only has one USB-C port, but it is much smaller than the HyperJuice and closer in size to an iPhone white brick charger making it not only a cheaper option, but a more portable option as well.

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Anker Nano II 65W USB-C Charger Courtesy of Amazon

3. Nekteck 100w USB-C Charger


This is a powerful charger, especially for laptops, plus it won’t break the bank. It boasts 100W of charging power which can ultimately take your dead-to-the-world MacBook Pro 16 and bring it back to full battery life in about two hours, or charge an iPhone 11 in an hour. Even though it only has one USB-C port, it does make quick work of charging your USB-C devices and is easy on the wallet.

Nekteck 100w USB-C Charger Courtesy of Amazon

4.  Anker Nano Charger PIQ 3.0


If portability and price are determining factors for you, the Anker Nano Charger PIQ 3.0 is a no-brainer. This tiny little charger is small enough to easily fit in your pant pocket, or any pocket or little nook in your laptop bag. It is half the size of a white iPhone charging brick, yet you don’t compromise on any of the power. Plus, this Anker USB-C charger is under $20. Keep in mind that the cable is not included.

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Anker Nano Charger PIQ 3.0 Courtesy of Amazon

5. Zendure 100W USB-C Wall Charger


There are four ports available on the Zendure USB-C wall charger — a 100W USB-C charger, 18W USB-C and two 18W USB-A ports. What’s great about that is if you need one of your devices to be charged in a hurry, let’s say a dead phone before you leave for work, the 100W port can take care of that quickly while the other ports can charge your laptop and tablets at a more leisurely pace. Admittedly, this USB-C charger is a bit on the bulkier side, but the power and multiple charging options make it a solid choice.

Zendure 100W USB-C Wall Charger Courtesy of Amazon

6. ZMI zPower Turbo 65W USB-C PD Wall Charger


This 65W USB-C charger can power up a dead MacBook Pro in 2.1 hours. That also means it makes quick work of charging your smartphone as well. It is not a GaN charger, but that also means you can save a little bit of coin going with this charger. Beyond being affordable, it’s also rather compact, so you won’t notice any extra bulk when you toss it in your laptop bag when you’re on the go.

ZMI zPower Turbo 65W USB-C PD Wall Charger Courtesy of Amazon

7. Anker PowerCore+


This little powerhouse can charge an iPhone X up to six times or charge up a Dell XPS 13 from dead to fully charged. That’s a lot of power in a travel-sized portable power bank. Next to the 45W USB-C charging port are two additional 15W USB ports to power up additional devices. When the PowerCore+ finally runs out of juice, it only takes about three hours to fill back up. This is a great option for those who are always on the go.

Anker PowerCore+ Courtesy of Amazon

8. Belkin USB-PD GaN Charger


If you have multiple USB-C devices, this dual USB-C Belkin Charger is an excellent choice. Sure, at $53, it is a little more expensive than others, but that’s not bad considering it boasts GaN technology that makes charging efficient and quick. Speaking of quick, one of the two charging ports sports a max charging rate of 60W, making light work of getting the dead battery in your laptop back up to speed. There are two options on Amazon — the stand-alone charger, or you can add $10 and get a cable.

Belkin USB-PD GaN Charger Courtesy of Amazon

9. Cable Matters USB-C to USB-C Cable


Some of the chargers above don’t come with a USB-C cable. Lame, we know. But that gives you the advantage to pick up a premium USB-C cable like this 6.6 ft Charging Matters cable that supports fast-charging up to 60W. There’s no use in getting an ultra-fast USB-C charger if the cable doesn’t support that kind of speed. This cable ensures that your fast charging wall charger doesn’t go to waste.

Cable Matters USB-C to USB-C Cable Courtesy of Amazon

10. Anker USB-C to USB C Cables


With over 13,600 reviews and 4.8 stars on Amazon, it’s fairly safe to say that this USB-C charging cable has proved to many to be a quality product. The cable is double braided helping it from cracking or breaking towards the ends, especially after lots of wear and tear of taking it in and out of bags. It’s a little on the expensive side coming in at $17, but for the extra durability, it’s worth it. This cable is also available in both three-foot and six-foot varieties.

Anker USB-C to USB C Cables Courtesy of Amazon


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