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The Best Voice Recorders To Take Notes On The Go

Digital Voice Recorders easily allow you to record lectures, meetings, interviews and even any specific thoughts or to-do lists that pop into your head throughout the day. Lightweight and travel-friendly, these recorders come with a slew of options, depending on your needs, such as MP3 capability, extended battery life and the ability to drown out background noises for crystal clear playback.

While we know you can just bust out your smartphone and press record, when you want clear, advanced audio quality and large storage capacity, the digital recorder is the way to go. Below are some stellar voice recorders that have stellar reviews and will ensure you get the functionality you need at an affordable price. Keep it basic with the Sony Digital Voice Recorder or enjoy advanced options and use as a music player to store and playback music with the EVISTR.

Great for students, teachers or any workplace where meeting/note-taking is required, you cannot go wrong with any of the options below.

1. Sony Digital Voice Recorder

With its wide-stereo recording capability, the Sony Digital Voice Recorder allows you the opportunity to record the audio that you need to capture in any environment. It’s slim and lightweight build makes it easy to go where ever you go and easy to use interface allows for smooth transitions.

Pros: Its long battery life is ideal for all day use.

Cons: There is no delete button so removing old files can take longer than desired.

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2. EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

The EVISTR Digital Voice Recorder is a small, extremely lightweight recorder ideal for anyone needing to remember a conversation on a moment’s notice. It comes with clear voice capture, built-in speaker and ability to store music files in a separate folder, allowing for fast and easy access.

Pros: Simple and powerful recording device that comes with a free EBOOK and fast operational guide.

Cons: If you need more advanced functionality, this might not be the recorder for you.

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3. Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder

Sony’s Mono Digital Voice Recorder with built-in USB easily allows you to record meetings, lectures and more in high-quality audio. Auto voice record reduces ambient noises for clearer recordings and scene select lets you choose from four ‘scene’ pre-sets (music, meeting, interview, dictation) to optimize the audio settings.

Pros: An overall great digital recorder with plug and play technology

Cons: Powered using batteries, which may be a hassle to replace.

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