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Get VR Fun at an Affordable Price: The AMAZKER 3D Panda Mini Virtual Reality Headset

Turn your smartphone into a stunning 3D virtual reality device by combining it with the AMAZKER 3D Panda Mini VR Headset. Using nothing more than the headset and your smartphone, you’ll experience a reality like never before.

The easy-to-use device simply requires you to slide your smartphone handset (compatible with phones boasting screens between 4 to 6-inches across) into the designated slot and away you go. You’ll enjoy an amazing 3D world right in front of your eyes.

Whether you choose to watch movies and videos or take on a virtual reality game, the magnetic gyro sensors and pupil distance adjusters provide a comfortable viewing experience for all.

The device is also compatible with all Google Cardboard media, opening up a whole new range of virtual reality applications to be enjoyed.

At only 7 oz, this ultra light headset can also relieves stress and tension by creating a calm viewing environment, allowing your mind to focus on nothing but the picture in front of you.

With its amusing panda design facia, the AMAZKER 3D Panda Mini VR Device makes a great party device for all to enjoy. At just over $25, this headset is built for every budget.

A perfect gift for every member of the family, the AMAZKER VR Device will provide hours of shared entertainment. You’ll begin to wonder how you ever lived without this new found reality.

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