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Watch Movies, Play Games and More With the Excelvan A5026 All-in-One HD 3D VR Headset

Push virtual boundaries with the Excelvan A5026 All-in-One HD 3D VR Headset. These are the absolute latest all-in-one VR glasses with full 3D capability, and they’re stuffed full of features for the whole family to enjoy.

Running the Android 5.1 system, this VR headset allows you to sit back and relax as you work your way through a library of online movies and downloadable games without using a smartphone or pre-installed app.

The fully adjustable headband ensures that wearers of all shapes and sizes enjoy a comfortable VR experience. With WiFi connectivity provided by Excelvan, you are free to surf the internet, download your favorite apps, or even watch movies online.

Capable of running 2D and 3D video/movies, the Excelvan A5026 supports up to a 32GB TF card, providing you with the freedom to wear and watch movies on-the-go and as you please.

The 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM ensures the smooth operation of the device, and aids in the full immersion elements of the headset.

A 3.5-mm headphone jack also allows you to enjoy your movies and other media without disturbing those around you.

Overall, we’ve found the Excelvan A5026 All-in-One HD 3D VR Headset to offer a great viewing experience and an easy-to-use gaming function.We’d be apt to name this product the best VR headset with WiFi currently on the market. Get yours before the holidays for tons of family fun!

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