Stop Picking and Choosing Which Electronics To Plug in and Get One of These USB Wall Outlets Instead

USB wall outlets
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You don’t have to be bound to your standard two-wall outlets. It’s 2022, we have the technology! We’re willing to bet you’ve upgraded many areas of your home with modern technology, and your wall outlets shouldn’t be left out. Wall outlets with USB ports make your wall outlets more efficient by providing dedicated charging ports for your devices that use USB ports leaving outlets available for appliances.

There are some wall outlets with USB charging ports that require you to install in your wall and others that are used as “adapters” that plug into your wall outlet but provide you with more powering options. Note: if you plan on using an adapter, make sure it has a surge protector feature so you don’t overwhelm one outlet with too many devices.


How We Chose The Best Wall Outlets with USB Ports

There are a number of considerations to make when choosing a USB wall outlet, and each of our below selections have been vetted accordingly. When we here at are researching and testing USB outlets, the following is a list of criteria that our products need to meet for possible inclusion in our roundup:

  • Total Amperage: Most USB wall outlets will deliver between 15 and 20 amps total, but that amperage is spread between the actual power outlets and the outlet’s USB inputs. When selecting USB outlets, we try to look for the highest amperage output possible to ensure that any device being connected receives the fastest, most optimized charge possible. Typically, the highest output for a single USB port on a USB outlet is 4.8 amps.
  • Connection Type: We want our USB outlets to have a varied assortment of connection types, although we’re aware that most outlet products go with one type of USB input over another. Right now, the two most common USB setups are USB-A and USB-C. Even though USB-C is the best-rated USB type in terms of power and optimization, some older devices are not compatible with USB-C. This is why we’ve opted to include outlets that feature USB-A inputs or USB-C. We’ve even featured an outlet that only has USB inputs (no power outlets).
  • Design and Installation: Most USB outlets are installed the same way as standard electrical outlets, but there are exceptions. Some USB outlets have a deeper depth than a typical wall outlet, which may mean you’ll need a larger in-wall box to properly house the USB outlet. Depending on the room you’re installing it in, you may also want an outlet with numerous power and USB connections, as opposed to one or two. In choosing our products, we’ve done our best to choose items that are simple to install. We’ve also tried to include as many actual outlet designs as possible.

1. USB Wall Charger Surge Protector


With over 17,000 ratings and an impressive 4.8-star rating on Amazon, this USB wall outlet and surge protector has made a lot of customers happy and a lot of outlets more economical and convenient. Admittedly, it is a bit bulky, but the design allows for several outlets to be plugged in on each side, as well as a single outlet in front, three USB-A plugs and even a USB-C outlet towards the top. It has a built-in surge protector for keeping your electronics protected in the event of an unexpected power surge, and it’s available at an affordable price.

USB Wall Charger Surge Protector Courtesy of Amazon


2. Leviton T5625-T with USB Type C


This is a great choice when you want to swap out your standard 15-amp plugs found throughout your household, and add USB-C charging to every room without needing to plug something else in. When you plug your laptop into the single USB-C port on this solution from Leviton, you can enjoy powerful 30-watt charging. When two devices are plugged into the ports, the power is divided and still delivers quick 15-watt charging power to both ports, which is incredibly convenient. Even with USB cables plugged in the outlets aren’t blocked, and they don’t block each other, making the design incredibly space-efficient.

Leviton T5625-T with USB Type C Courtesy of Amazon


3. TopGreener Ultra High-Speed USB


There’s a good chance that not all of your devices are USB-C. In this instance, an outlet like the TopGreener Ultra High Speed that has one USB-C port and one USB-A is a solid choice. The outlet delivers 15-amps and is tamper-resistant, which prevents someone from sticking something in the outlet that shouldn’t go there. The outlet is available in five different colors: white, gray, light almond, black and brown to match most décor, and is easy to install.

TopGreener Ultra High Speed USB Courtesy of Amazon


4. theOUTlet USB


If you don’t like the look of having a protruding wall outlet, but also would like to have extra outlets, theOUTlet is the best of both worlds. The extra outlets fold into the wall when you don’t need them, providing your wall with a standard two-outlet design, but press the slider and two more outlets pop out creating four outlets and two USB-A chargers. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but the efficiency of the design gives you the best of both worlds.

theOUTlet USB Courtesy of Amazon


5. Ovitech Outlet with High-Speed Charging


Looking to change out the outlet next to your nightstand to be more accommodating? The Ovitech wall outlet with USB is a great way to do it without making a large investment. It’s around $11 and provides a tamper-resistant wall outlet with two USB-A ports. This means you can have your bedside lamp, your smartwatch, phone, and tablet all charging without having to pick and choose. You can also save a dollar by going with the two-pack for $21.

Ovitech Outlet with High Speed Charging Courtesy of Amazon


6. ELEGRP USB Charger


This is a smart wall outlet for the power conscious, and those with pets and kids in the house. It detects how much power each device needs to be powered optimally, providing protection against under-powering and power surges. Tamper protection also keeps unwanted things from being jammed in the outlet, and may help protect curious children from hurting themselves. The wall outlet with USB comes in four different colors — black, brown, grey and white.

ELEGRP USB Charger Courtesy of Amazon


7. EverElectrix 4-Pack USB Wall Outlets


Scoring several USB outlets at once is ideal for homes where charging devices is a constant necessity. This USB outlet four-pack from the minds at EverElectrix features two USB-A ports per outlet, along with over-current protection and tamper-resistant shutters for homes with younger children. While it would have been nice for USB-C to be included too, most reviewers find the EverElectrix 4-Pack to be very reliable and easy to install.

everelectrix 4 outlet Courtesy of Amazon


8. Six Outlet Wall Surge Protector (Two-Pack)


You can increase the number of outlets available to you without the need of buying multiple surge protectors or power strips thanks to the six-outlet wall surge protector that comes in a two-pack. You can essentially increase four plugs (two wall outlets) into 12 with this plug extender. You also add four USB-A outlets in the mix. It has a built-in surge protector too so you don’t overload the outlet. This is great for home offices and kitchen areas.

Six Outlet Wall Surge Protector (Two-Pack) Courtesy of Amazon


9. POWRUI Multi Wall Outlet Adapter


Sure, this wall outlet with USB charging ports protrudes a little bit, but the PowRui Wall Outlet Adapter has four USB-A ports on top and three outlets below, maximizing the charging potential of your wallspace. This gives you plenty of room for charging your phone, laptop and tablet at the same time, and would be a great for an at-home office or kitchen island. Considering all the extra charging outlets you get, it’s a steal at only $13.50. This makes it not only smart to update your outlets with this, but also cost-efficient.

POWRUI Multi Wall Outlet Adapter Courtesy of Amazon


10. POWRUI Six AC Outlet with Nightlight


This wall outlet with USB charging ports provides a lot of extra power sources as well as a nightlight for conveniently plugging in your devices when it’s dark, or for setting up in a kid’s room. You have two USB-A ports as well as four side-facing outlets and your standard two between the nightlight. Not only does it provide a plethora of additional charging power, but is also backed by 41,000 ratings and 4.7 stars on Amazon.

POWRUI Six AC Outlet with Nightlight Courtesy of Amazon


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