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Avoid Water Damage and Keep Your Home Dry with One of These Water Leak Detectors

Home water damage is one of those things you think will never happen to you, until it does. And, should that be the case, you’ll be kicking yourself for not having invested in one of the best water leak detectors.

Water leak detectors are small, easily installed devices with a relatively low price tag, especially when you consider the protection against water damage they offer. Not only can they help detect leaks and floods before they reach the point of no return. They can also help to detect other water-borne problems like mold, even in the very early stages. 

When shopping for your new water leak detector, it’s important to consider these features:

  • Sensor – Whether the sensor is connected directly to the alert device will depend on the make and model of the water leak detector. Some are connected with a physical wire whereas others use WiFi connectivity to transmit information to a dedicated central hub or smartphone. There are also detectors that feature tiny pins for extremely precise readings. These sensors are particularly effective on wooden floors and surfaces.
  • Display – Ensure the information from your water leak detector is communicated in a way well suited to your understanding. If you’re confident using a smartphone then they are a fantastic way to monitor any potential leaks in your home. Smart detectors usually come with their own app to download which can be paired with the supplied sensors. Alternatively, you’ll find a number of more basic detector styles which offer a digital display reading, loud alarm or both.
  • Noise – While advances in technology can offer varying ways to deliver information straight to a smartphone, there are few things more reliable than a loud alarm. It’s best to ensure your alarm has a level of somewhere between 90-130 decibels, similar to a standard smoke detector. 
  • Power – Most water leak detectors are powered by batteries rather than plugging into a socket. This provides greater freedom when choosing where to place them. However, this means it’s important to make semi-regular battery checks.

You don’t need to be a plumber to identify the most leak-prone areas of your home. As a guide, you should prioritize the following areas when deciding where to place your water leak detectors. These include:

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Bear in mind that signals traveling inside a home can be affected by walls and furnishing whereas open-air spaces are much clearer. Check the product description of each detector to ensure it’s suitable for your needs and capable of fulfilling the required job at hand. 

Below we have rounded up the best nine water leak detectors available to order online. There is a range of different styles to suit all preferences and knowledge levels, too. We’d recommend choosing a Wi-Fi detector where possible. But at the end of the day, any water leak detector is better than none.


1. Govee Wifi Water Sensor


The Govee Wifi Water Sensor is a popular choice and comes backed by over 4,000 five-star reviews from Amazon users. The pack contains three individual sensors allowing you to monitor multiple places around your home. Each device can connect remotely to your WiFi connection through the central WiFi connection gateway which then allows you to view each device’s status through the accompanying Govee Home app. It’s possible to connect a maximum of 10 sensors to each gateway. Additionally, the sensors feature a loud, 100-decibel alarm to ensure you can’t miss it.

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At under $13, the Basement Watchdog Water Alarm is a budget-friendly answer to detecting water leaks. It’s capable of sensing as little as 1/32 inches of water, and, when it does, produces an impressively loud 110-decibel alarm. For greater convenience, the water alarm incorporates a six-foot-long wire which allows you to mount the sensor away from the alarm. Additionally, if six feet of wire is insufficient, it’s possible to extend with up to 100 feet of additional wire.

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3. Instapark Water Leakage Detection Alarm


For a back to basics water leak detector, choose the Instapark Water Leakage Detection Alarm Pack. This no thrills, three-pack of sensors is a low cost yet highly effective way to protect your home from water damage. A 44-inch wire is included to allow for a generous amount of reach between the sensor and the wall-mounted alarm device. With a decibel reading of 130, this is one of the loudest water leak detectors and can be heard up to 100 yards away.

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4. Zircon Leak Alert Water Detector


Thanks to the availability in packs of one, two, five or eight, you can order the exact amount of Zircon Lead Alert Water Detectors you need to protect your home. They are battery-powered to allow them to be placed exactly where you’re most concerned without the limitation of a connected wire. And, while their 90-decibel volume isn’t the loudest alarm you’ll find, they are some of the most reliable and easiest to use. We recommend placing one of these detectors in each leak-prone area of your home to ensure the greatest coverage. You’ll also clearly hear the alarm if and when it sounds. Plus, you can choose to upgrade your setup with LED lights and WiFi alerts when you’re ready to move to the next level.

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5. General Tools MMD4E Water Leak Detector


Although it’s likely you’ll create two tiny pin marks on surfaces when using the General Tools MMD4E Water Leak Detector, the precise functioning of the device may be worth the sacrifice. The two, 0.3-inch stainless steel pins located on top of the detector allow for highly accurate water readings. A protective cap is also included which doubles as a calibration checker to ensure your detector is functioning correctly. Plus, the clear digital LED screen and three traffic light indicator lights make it easy to know when a low, medium or high amount of moisture is near.

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6. Peril Protect Water Leak Detection


Knowing you have a live call center on standby 24/7 and ready to help is one of the major bonuses of opting for the Peril Protect Water Leak Detection. With no onboarding fee and the first three months of subscription waived, you only need to cover the shipping and handling fee as well as the monthly $23 fee (once the complimentary welcome three months have passed). When you sign up for this service, you will be sent one hub and seven sensors that connect together to protect your home from water damage. Extremely useful guidance on how best to install your sensors is also included as well as access to the Peril Protect app. If you live alone or prefer to know you have a reliable service only a phone call away, this is the water leak detection system for you.

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7. YoLink Smart Home Start Kit


If you’re lucky enough to live in a spacious home, having a water leak detection system with a longer signal range, such as this YoLink Smart Home Starter Kit, is a smarter choice. Able to send alerts up to 1000 feet in open air and 300 feet when indoors, this kit provides an ample amount of coverage for medium to larger homes. You can connect the central hub, sensors and smartphone device using the accompanying YoLink app. It’s also compatible with Alexa to enable voice-activated controls as well as acting as an additional alert speaker if required. This comprehensive kit is a reliable way to feel confident in the water safety of your home and have all the information you need in the palm of your hand.

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8. Moen Smart Water Detector


The Moen Smart Water Detector is a great option to choose as the base of your home’s water protection system. It provides 24/7 monitoring with a direct connection to your smartphone for information analysis, storage and alerts. Not only does this device have you covered in case of flooding, but it also protects against frost and mold damage by monitoring the surrounding temperature and humidity. Additionally, for even greater protection, you can invest in the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff device which is compatible with this detector and able to completely shut off the water supply to your home should the worst-case scenario occur.

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9. Flume Water Monitor


Detecting leaks is only a small part of what the Flume Water Monitor brings to the table. This smart device requires no complicated plumbing for installation and simply straps around your existing water meter. It then connects to your WiFi through the supplied WiFi bridge which can be placed anywhere around your home. Using the Flume App, Web Portal or an Alexa-enabled device, you’ll receive live, real-time alerts and 24/7 coverage of water consumption and potential leaks as well as a range of other handy measurements.

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