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The Top 5 Weather Stations for More Accurate Readings at Home

Do you ever listen to the weather report and find that it’s not quite accurate to you? Whether you live in a hilly area or a more coastal one, the weather can vary substantially, even within the same city or town. A weather station can give you a more accurate picture of your weather, by taking the temperature right from your backyard.

What To Consider Before Buying a Weather Station 

Home-based weather systems provide accurate and reliable weather monitoring in a self-contained, easy-to-install system. While weather stations have been around for a while, many of the latest models are outfitted with WiFi connectivity and smartphone apps that will allow you to know your personal readouts whenever and wherever you need them.

Another great function is the ability these weather stations can play in the health of your home. Too much humidity can cause mold to grow, while too little can have negative effects, too. These weather machines continually read your indoor temperatures and humidity levels keeping you always informed and aware of the health of your home.

Weather stations typically consist of a digital display that you keep inside your house and an outdoor unit that you install somewhere outside your property.

What We Looked for When Choosing the Best Weather Stations

When picking out the best machines, we prioritized option that are user-friendly and have large displays that monitor and provide current weather conditions such as indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, and rainfall. Plus, we picked out economical options that compromise on some functionality but make up for it in value and convenience. We also looked for options with WiFi capabilities. We also turned to brands with long experience, such as Acu-Rite and La Crosse.

Whether you are a meteorologist, weather nerd or just like to know accurate daily temperature stats, these choice weather stations will be your new go-to gadget.

1. AcuRite 01012M Weather Station

More accurate and reliable than weather reports from across town, you can quickly view current conditions using the indoor color display or connect from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Readings include rain and rainfall history, wind speed and direction, outdoor and indoor temperature and humidity, future forecasts, barometric pressure and much more. This is also a smart weather station, and you can connect it to Amazon Alexa for voice control.

PROS: This weather station allows you to create custom alerts to be notified when key conditions change and share real-time weather details with others.

CONS: The display back-light cannot be turned completely off.

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2. La Crosse Technology C85845-INT Weather Station, Black

This economical option from La Crosse features a clear display with segmented zones to easily check different weather factors, including indoor/outdoor and humidity. Plus, you can see weather trends to get a forecast for your day. The atomic day-date and time display and built-in alarm make this easy to use as a bedside alarm clock.

Pros: Economical option. Clear and intuitive display. Good for indoors and out. Includes temperature trends.

Cons:  Can be hard to read at certain angles.

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3. AcuRite 02077 Color Weather Station Forecaster

AcuRite makes a range of weather stations, and this is among the brand’s more economical picks. It’s designed to measure indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, and it also has a moon phase display. The color display makes it easy to read the indoor and outdoor temperatures at a glance, and the display unit itself is available in black or white.

Pros: Indoor and outdoor monitoring. Color display.

Cons: Not as in-depth as some other options.

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4. Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station

Designed to provide the weather data you need for home use, educational purposes, boating and more, the Vantage Vue includes a sleek but tough Integrated Sensor Suite and console. Wireless transmission from the suite to the console is fast and updates every 2.5 seconds and it can report on weather conditions, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, dew point and rainfall.

PROS: Besides an accurate weather forecast, the console provides moon phases, sunrise/sunset times, graphing of weather trends and alarms.

CONS: With such extensive features, the interface might be slightly complex to understand.

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5. Logia 5-in-1 Wi-Fi Weather Station

This option gives you everything you need to monitor your climate, both indoors and out. The station is capable of monitoring temperature, humidity, wind and rain in an intuitive color display. Other details include a moon phase display, time and day-date. It can also connect to weather databases to monitor relevant local trends. Thanks to WiFi, you can check on your weather station from anywhere.

Pros: WiFi compatibility for easy remote monitoring. Intuitive color display.

Cons: Connecting to WiFi can be challenging.

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