You Can Sleep Easy With the 6 Best WiFi Baby Monitors, Even If Your Little One Doesn’t

best wifi baby monitors
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The best WiFi baby monitors help you keep an eye on your child no matter how hectic life gets. These devices give busy parents the ability to check in on their kids using their phones instead of having to carry around an additional monitor. WiFi baby monitors offer connection through your home’s WiFi, so you can keep a watchful eye over your child no matter where you are. However, the best baby WiFi monitors offer so much more than video streams of your child in their crib. Many of these have additional features such as two-way communication, night vision, and additional audio features. These devices truly provide peace of mind for any parent.

Keep reading for our picks for the best WiFi baby monitors.

1. Nanit Plus

The Nanit Plus is a big investment for an infant WiFi monitor, but a worthy one. It has a great feature set, top image quality and even breathing, humidity, temperature and sleep readings. The Nanit mounts to the crib and provides parents with a bird’s-eye view of their little one. The camera has a built-in speaker that can play nature sounds to your child as they rest in their crib. You’ll also be able to hear your child and talk back to them with two-way audio capabilities. Plus, the Nanit Plus features background audio capabilities, so you’ll be able to hear your baby even when the app is running in the background.

For parents who have a restless baby on their hands, the sleep tracking is exceptional at monitoring when sleep starts and stops. You get a year of free Insights (sleep tracking), but after that the feature costs $5 a month (and more for extra storage). This WiFi baby monitor is an investment, but thousands of parents believe it is worth the peace of mind.

PROS: Advanced sleep tracking gives you daily insights into your baby’s sleep habits, while two-factor authentication and 256-bit encryption keep your family’s data secure. HD video and Alexa included.

CONS: The most advanced features are only free for the first year.

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2. Arlo Baby

The Arlo Baby monitor has some pretty nifty features that other WiFi baby monitors lack, all while being less expensive than its competitors. For starters, Arlo can stream audio through a phone while the app is running in the background. This is super useful for parents who want to have audio running throughout the night, without having the app running upfront on their screen. But make sure you keep your phone charging overnight, as this will drain your battery.

Arlo also allows busy or traveling parents to check in on the kiddo whenever or wherever through the app. Advanced night vision video lets you keep a close eye on your baby even while they’re sleeping soundly in the dark. Video footage can be stored in the cloud using Arlo’s technology, and not many WiFi baby monitors offer this capability. This monitor can lose its connection from time to time, but this can often be addressed by keeping the app and your iOS updated.

PROS: This baby WiFi monitor offers a lot without costing a lot. Crisp and clear night vision video, plus a cute bunny ears design will blend perfectly into the nursery.

CONS: Arlo tends to lose video connection and battery life could be stronger. Cloud storage may not be ideal for security-conscious parents.

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3. Motorola Halo+

The Motorola Halo+ is an excellent WiFi baby monitor from a trusted electronics brand. It gives you a bird’s-eye view over your child as it’s mounted to the crib. You can view the streaming video through the app or with the included monitor, although the monitor’s quality isn’t great — the image quality through the phone is much better. Not only can you check in whenever you need to, but the Halo+ also has a nightlight with seven interchangeable colors and can display a night sky above the crib. You can even download lullabies and audiobooks from the app to stream to your child.

The Halo+ saves and stores video, but you will have to pay a subscription cost of $3 for the basic plan or $9 for the standard plan with more storage time and a sleep diary. It’s a bit more costly than most WiFi baby monitors, but it’s a worthy investment for you and your child.

PROS: There are lots of audiobooks and lullabies to choose from. The ability to project images and play audio is a great value-added feature.

CONS: Customers must pay for subscription to gain access to all available features.

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4. Eufy Spaceview

The Eufy Spaceview is a great choice if you get worried about security over your WiFi connection. This baby monitor doesn’t boast WiFi connectivity; instead, it uses a more secure RF feed between the monitor and the camera. This requires you to use an actual monitor instead of a phone app. You shouldn’t have to worry about losing signal though. The monitor provides clear picture quality and roughly 15 hours of battery life.

Unfortunately, when it begins to get low on battery, there aren’t any indicators or alerts to tell you, so you’ll need to monitor the battery life yourself. The monitor also displays the temperature in the room as well as the time, which is surprisingly helpful information, especially when you’re delirious at two o’clock in the morning. The Eufy Spaceview is a good choice for those who are wary of WiFi baby monitors and can do without a ton of extra features.

PROS: Secure video connection between monitor and camera.

CONS: Requires you to use a monitor instead of a phone app.

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5. Google Nest Indoor Camera

Google’s line of Nest products are extremely popular as smart home and security solutions. These top-rated products are so reliable and popular that many parents have started using them as baby monitors. The Google Nest Indoor Camera offers 130-degree video that shows a clear view of your baby’s crib in 1080P HD. There’s also a night vision mode to keep an eye on your little one as he or she sleeps. With the Nest app, you can view live video on your smartphone or tablet, and Nest will alert you if there is any sound or movement in the crib.

PROS: A top-rated security camera that doubles perfectly as one of the best baby monitors. The associated app sends notifications directly to your device.

CONS: Because the Google Nest isn’t designed as a baby monitor, it lacks some of the sleep tracking features that come with other baby monitors.

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6. Peteme Baby Monitor 1080p

The Peteme Baby Monitor features crystal clear video resolution and infrared LED lights that provide high-quality night vision. Like other popular baby monitors, the Peteme features two-way audio that lets parents hear and speak to their child. However, unlike other baby monitors, this WiFi camera has a much lower price point. This same camera can also be used outside the nursery to keep an eye on pets and home security.

PROS: Clear video quality in an affordable baby monitor.

CONS: Lacks advanced sleep tracking features more common in the best baby monitors.

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