Charge Your Devices All at Once, Thanks to These Wireless Charging Docks

wireless charging dock
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Wireless charging is gradually being introduced to more phones and devices, and it’s the kind of time-saving innovation that’s more radical than you may have even realized. For one thing, it can save you in those times when you’re without a charger and have to hope that your friend’s new iPhone charger works with your old iPhone. And during your rushed morning routine, a wireless charging dock makes it convenient for you to just grab your phone and go, without dealing with a tangle of cables. Sure, it’s only a few seconds, but a few seconds can be the difference between catching the train and having to wait for the next one.

One of our favorite kinds of wireless charging docks is a charging stand because you can keep your phone propped up. A charging stand is a great addition to a nightstand or desk, allowing you to quickly glance at any new notifications without having to pick up your phone. Or, set it up in the kitchen to watch that how-to video while cooking that new recipe you’ve been meaning to try.

The first thing to check before picking up one of these docks is to check if your phone supports wireless charging. The industry standard is Qi — phones and devices with Qi-certification will be compatible with any charging stand that’s also Qi-certified. Qi-certification is given by the Wireless Power Consortium.

If you also have a Qi-enabled smartwatch, you’ll likely want to be able to charge your phone and watch on the same dock. That’s why we’ve rounded up some smartly-designed docks that allow you to charge multiple devices. Or, if you want a space-saving option to just charge your smartphone, we’ve got picks that fit the bill there too. These are some of the best wireless charging docks available right now.

1. Anker Wireless Charger

Anker is one of the most trusted names when it comes to portable chargers, and they’ve brought their expertise to this wireless dock stand. It’s designed for iPhones and Samsung devices, and the charger’s simple shape has a base that protrudes out to keep the phone in place. You can use the phone vertically or horizontally and still have it charge, and it’s case-friendly.

Pros: Space-saving option for charging a phone. Works with phones with slim cases. High-speed charging for Samsung devices.

Cons: Doesn’t work with some cases, including metal cases.

wireless charging dock Amazon

2. Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock

If you’re looking for a way to charge your phone and smartwatch, then this stand from Belkin is a good option. It has a stylish, minimal look with soft rounded edges. The charging dock has an upright stand for charging your phone, and next to it is a small dock for charging an Apple watch or Airpods. It’s designed to provide the fastest possible speeds for Qi-enabled devices. The dock is available in black or white.

Pros: Stylish and sleek design, comes in two colors. Fast speeds. Good way to charge multiple devices.

Cons: Expensive.

wireless charging dock Amazon

3. Seneo 2-in-1 Dual Wireless Charging Pad

If you prefer a flat charging pad, rather than a stand, then this is one of our favorite options. Seneo’s charger is a sleek and minimal pad that can be used to charge two devices at once. It can be used for smartphones, Airpods or the Apple watch, and silicone strips act as guides for where to place the device and as anti-slip surfaces. There’s a detachable dock for charging the Apple Watch.  The Seneo charger also works with phones that have cases.

Pros: Sleek and space-saving option for charging multiple devices.

Cons: Doesn’t work as well if the phone is not properly placed.

wireless charging dock Amazon