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Move Over, James Cameron: This Underwater Drone Will Take You Safely to the Abyss

* Features a tail speed of 1.12 MPH and a max depth of 196 feet
* Built-in 4K camera records automatically
* Intuitive remote gives you complete and total control

Ever want to pilot your own underwater drone? While this one might not be big enough for you to fit inside, it offers all the features of those giant-sized models you see in the movies. The BIKI is a state-of-the-art wireless underwater drone you can actually control with your smartphone.

Simply download the iOS or Android app on your phone for complete and total control. With a beautiful internal 4K camera, built-in image stabilizer, smart underwater suspension settings and more, it’s like having your very own aquatic animal—only this one obeys your every command.

With a tail speed of 1.12 MPH and a max depth of 196 feet, there’s virtually no end to the possibilities and underwater areas you can easily explore. You choose where it dives, how far and for how long. The built-in camera records automatically, which you can view once the BIKI surfaces.

Want to get in on the action? You can, thanks to the intuitive BIKI remote. You can submerge it, have it float upwards, change direction, adjust its speed, turn its lights on and off and even snap pics and record video with the touch of a button. Keeping this baby charged is also easy as pie. With a built-in charger in both the main body and the controller, you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice.