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First Look: BioLite’s New BaseCharge Power Stations Can Charge in 3.5 Hours With Solar Power

No one enjoys sitting in the dark without power. BioLite has long been an innovator in providing renewable energy options, especially portable ones — but the company’s latest announcement leaves previous iterations in the dirt. The BioLite BaseCharge 600 and BaseCharge 1500 deliver incredible levels of power without being too cumbersome. Best of all, they have a few smart features that ensure that no matter what you plug into them, they’ll receive the appropriate charge.

Power stations are becoming popular appliances in 2022, both among outdoor enthusiasts and campers as well as anyone worried about power blackouts and electrical grid failures. As extreme weather events become more common, these devices can ensure you’re never caught without power. Already this year we’ve seen powerful new power stations released by Anker and Jackery, and we’ve been testing portable power stations for SPY readers.

Power stations are essentially super batteries you can use to charge phones, laptops and small appliances when you’re off-grid. If you invest in compatible solar panels, they instantly become eco-friendly generators. We recently had the chance to preview BioLite’s new BaseCharge line, and we’ve got all the details below. Currently, these devices are available for pre-order with an official release scheduled for September 7.

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Why We’re Excited About the BioLite BaseCharge Stations

Power stations can be complicated devices, but the BioLite stations are anything but. Their user interface is designed to be easy to use with a lot of plug-and-play tech for both AC and DC charging. Combine that with a visual display that shows whether power is flowing in or out and how much battery life remains, and you’ve got a portable power station anyone can use.

BioLite BaseCharge 600 & 1500 first look review

It features an Easy Read Smart LCD Dashboard that shows estimated charge times, how much power is going to each device and more. There’s also a Digital Messaging Center that displays any warning or error messages you might need to be aware of. Finally, the Energy Odometer shows how much energy you’ve used over a specific period — something that can help you figure out where power might be wasted.

BioLite BaseCharge 600 & 1500 first look review

Unlike many power stations, BioLite has a multi-point safety system that protects your devices from overloads and keeps them safe by disabling power flow. If you’re worried about accidentally damaging your devices, the safety checklist is here to help.

BioLite BaseCharge 600 & 1500 first look review

Adding even more convenience, we also love that BioLite has included built-in wireless charging to its new power stations. It’s just another way to charge your device without needing a wire. For those looking for a more sustainable power solution, BioLite also has solar panels you can buy that you can connect to charge them in about 3.5 hours when the sun’s out. That way, you won’t be without them for that long.


Pricing and Availability

BioLite’s BaseCharge lineup will be available for preorder starting on September 7, but if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you can register on the BioLite website today.

The BaseCharge 600 starts at $700, while the BaseCharge 1500 starts at $1,700.

BioLite BaseCharge 600 & 1500 first look review

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