The 5 Best Bitcoin Wallets to Keep Your Coins Safe

Bitcoin Wallets
Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

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Considered by many around the world as a way to break free from the shackles of the system, Bitcoin has made headlines with its skyrocketing stock value. But while there are literally hundreds of different types of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is easily the most popular. More than just the so-called future of financial transactions, Bitcoin offers users a decentralized, private and transparent form of currency. By purchasing ‘bits’, your money becomes digital and, for the most part, anonymous.

Whether you’re interested in investing or mining Bitcoin, or already have some currency of your own, then you know that having a secure way to store it is essential. These Bitcoin wallets are able to store your data safely and securely, giving you peace of mind and (hopefully) helping to reduce some of the anxiety and hesitation you may have.

1. Trezor Model T Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet


This handy wallet safely stores both your crypto keys and your passwords to give you complete and total digital security over your assets. With a simple (but secure) three-step setup process, it comes with a smart touchscreen display and comes with all the tools you need— USB cable, instruction guide and recovery seed cards—to help you get it up and running in seconds. As an Amazon’s Choice product, it’s no wonder it has so many rave reviews.

Trezor Model T Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

2. Trezor One Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Black


Compatible with Linux, OS and Windows devices, this easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet features a breezy registration-free setup process and comes in a nice little compact package. Unlike other less secure Bitcoin wallets, this one creates a safe offline transaction environment that lets you access and use your coins without fear of being hacked. The universal compatibility makes it a smart choice, and it also comes with its own USB cable for added ease of use. Best of all, it’s small enough to fit snuggly in your front or back pockets.

Trezor One Wallet Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

3. SafePal S1 Bitcoin Wallet


Practice safe storage with this SafePal Bitcoin Wallet. With the ability to support up to 500+ digital currencies, this is easily the most versatile crypto wallet on our list. With the ability to access your currency without any use of a WiFi signal, it comes with a built-in EAL 5+ security chip and locks your access by PIN. The mobile-friendly design helps add more convenience, and the beautiful 1.3-inch high-res wallet screen makes it easier to access your coins day or night.

SafePal Bitcoin Wallet Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

4. KeepKey – The Simple Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet


Simple, secure and very easy to use, the KeepKey generates your Bitcoin key with its own built-in private key generator, which you’ll need to write down. From there, you’re prompted to enter your PIN number and combine it with the KeepKey for added security. Because the KeepKey doesn’t come with any operating system, it’s completely free from bugs, malware or any other type of compromising software. Compatible with PCs, Macs, Linux and Android devices, it’s actually packaged as a USB HID-class device, which means you can plug it and access your info instantly.

KeepKey Bitcoin Wallet Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

5. Ledger Nano X


Looking more like a USB drive than a typical wallet, the Nano X offers comprehensive protection by storing your private keys in a super CC EAL5+ environment. With BOLOS, its own operating software, the Ledger is able to create a unique and individual shield around your wallet to help keep your keys safe. Able to store more than 1,100 types of cryptocurrencies, this wallet offers backup-enabled protection and features an incredibly easy setup process. It’s also Bluetooth-enabled so you can access it virtually anywhere, anytime.

Ledger Nano X Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon