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Black + Decker Bev is The Keurig Style Home Bar We’ve Been Waiting For

Most of us wouldn’t dream of mixing power tools and booze, but Black+Decker, perhaps known best for its lineup of tools, is getting into the bartending game. As part of CES 2022, Black+Decker announced “Bev,” an at-home bartending machine designed to take the guesswork out of mixing an evening cocktail.

To be fair, Black+Decker does also make a variety of home appliances, so maybe it’s not that unusual the company is launching this countertop bartender. The machine looks huge; kind of like a Keurig crossed with a BowFlex. With beefy arms that encircle up to five bottles of liquor and drilling-rig-style straws that penetrate the bottle tops for instant extractions, you can keep a variety of common alcohols at the ready for an impromptu sipping session.

But where things get interesting is that Black+Decker has teamed up with Bartesian to use premixed cocktail pods (no alcohol, just mixes) to expand the variety of drinks your Bev can crank out. Bartesian makes dozens of cocktail mixers that are meant for use with a variety of spirits and have different flavor profiles (and, for the most part, contain simply water, sugar and various flavorings). Interestingly Black+Decker Bev costs less than Bartesian’s own bartending machine.

Black and Decker Bev, CES 2022

With Bev, you can customize your drink strength, from newbie to master and LED lighting classes up the joint, even including a “party mode” for when you really want to kick that home bash into gear.

Bev by Black+Decker will be available in spring 2022, starting at $299. Bartesian cocktail capsules and bottles of spirits are, perhaps obviously, not included.


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