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It’s Back: Blink’s Best Selling Home Security Cameras Are Up To 48% Off Today

Everyone would feel more at ease at home with a little bit of security dotted around the house, and today’s a great day to get some because these Blink security devices are up to 48% off today. There are a few really good deals in among the massive list, so Spy has gone through and picked out four of the best ones.

Security is an important thing for a lot of people, especially those with families in their homes. It’s natural to want to do a little bit more to make sure loved ones are safe, which is why it’s often a good idea to get at least one or two cameras or other devices.

The best security cameras don’t have to be pricey though, and they don’t have to be obvious either. Getting a good video doorbell is an excellent way to help beef up security at home, but there are also things like the best light bulb security cameras for those who want something a little less obvious. Whatever choice is made, today’s a good day to pick up a good deal, so make sure to act quickly to take advantage of it.

$58.99 $84.98 31% off

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A video doorbell is a surprisingly effective bit of security. A lot of people will check the front door before anything else, and capturing them on camera makes things far easier. Plus, it’s easy to check who’s at the door when they knock, meaning no unpleasant surprises.

$184.99 $359.97 49% off

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One of the biggest savings is on a four-pack of Blink Outdoor cameras. These cameras are weather-resistant, have motion detection, and four should be enough to cover every entrance to the house easily.

$89.59 $139.98 36% off

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This outdoor floodlight is an ideal way to keep an eye on the outside world for the safety of the home, but also to make it easier to get keys in the door without hassle. It’s got motion detection, is easy to setup, and has a two-year battery life.

$374.45 $539.94 31% off

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If buying things piecemeal is too much hassle, then this bundle has pretty much everything that could be needed. It comes with a video doorbell, a floodlight, a solar panel charging mount, and outdoor and indoor cameras. Everything anyone could need for full home security.