SPY Readers Can Save 10% on Stylish Bluease Blue-Light Glasses

bluease blue light glasses
Courtesy of Glasses USA

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You might not realize it, but you probably spend the majority of your day staring at a screen. Whether its scrolling through your Instagram or TikTok feeds on your phone, putting in eight hours on your laptop between school and work, then coming home and enjoying your favorite binge-worthy show on your 65-inch TV — you’re taking in a lot of screen-time, and that also means you’re absorbing a lot of blue light.

That’s why a lot more young people are donning blue-light glasses, which filter out this light, protecting you from eye strain and interrupted sleep. Below, you’ll find a range of stylish blue-light glasses from Blueease and Glasses USA, plus a discount code SPY readers can use to save on their purchase.

Blue Light and Circadian Rhythm

You’ve probably heard this before, but looking at your phone, laptop or tablet all day isn’t good for your sleep patterns. That’s because the blue light that is emitted from those screens affects your circadian rhythm.

Blue light isn’t inherently bad for you. During the day, your body naturally responds to ambient blue light, and it promotes alertness and can even positively affect your mood. However, blue light naturally disappears after the sun goes down, which is a signal to your body that it should get ready for a period of sleep. When you spend the evenings absorbing blue light from your laptop, TV or phone screen, it confuses your body’s natural circadian rhythm, which can have adverse effects on your health like sleeplessness, depression and obesity.

According to a study conducted at Harvard University on the effects of blue light on sleep, blue light suppressed melatonin production more than that of green light. In another study at the University of Toronto, melatonin levels were sustained when participants used blue-light-blocking goggles at night compared to those who did not. This suggests two things: Blue light at night is bad for your sleep patterns, and that your health can truly benefit from blue light glasses.

Bluease Blue Light Glasses

Now that you know the adverse effects blue light is no joke, it’s time to start doing something about it. Bluease blue-light-blocking glasses give you the ability to protect your eyes and improve your sleep, all while maintaining your personal style. Blueease glasses from Glasses USA come in a variety of styles and don’t have those odd amber lenses that turn everything orange or brown. They block 95% of harmful blue light and are scratch-resistant to protect against wear and tear.

For a limited time, SPY readers can save 10% on Blueease frames with the code BLUEASE10 (excluding premium, contact lenses & sales labeled items). Protect your health, sleep better, and look great while doing it.


1. Bluease Flicker

With the same classic stylings as the Ray-Ban Clubmaster frames, the Bluease Flicker frames are stylish and sophisticated while also blocking 95% of harmful blue light from the environment. The lenses are scratch-resistant and lightweight, so your nose and ears don’t get sore after long periods of wearing them. Whether you are going into the office or wearing them on date night, you are going to look like a boss with these glasses.

bluease flicker Courtesy of GlassesUSA

2. Bluease Hayday

Similar to the stylings of Ray-Ban New Wayfarer glasses, the Hayday frame looks great on both men and women. These frames have a dark red wine finish that fades to black on the arms. The color and fade is subtle and will go great with anything in your closet.

bluease hayday Courtesy of Glassesusa

3. Bluease Charter

The Charter style frames are available in black, blue, brown or red, giving you plenty of variety to match your wardrobe. The rounded frames are a great look for women, whether in the office or out and about. Fitted with Blueease lenses, not only will you look great, but you’ll be doing your body a favor.

blueease charter Courtesy of Glassesusa

4. Bluease Deep Blue See

The two-toned Deep Blue See model is a great looking and unique take on rounded frames. The outer frame is a pale blue, almost greyish color, while inside the frames are a sharp royal blue. The frames highlight your eyes while also protecting them from harmful blue light. You’re going to look great and have a pair of glasses that’ll turn head.

deep blue see bluease Courtesy of Glassesusa

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