Daily Deal: Update Your Car With This Bluetooth Adapter For Just $10

best bluetooth car adapter
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* Upgrade your car without having to spend a ton of extra money
* No wires are required to enjoy premium connectivity
* Enjoy hands-free calling and crystal clear sound quality

Don’t have Bluetooth in your car? Not a problem. Bringing your car into the 21st century doesn’t have to break the bank. This super-compact receiver gives your car an instant Bluetooth boost and can easily connect to your car’s stereo – and now you can finally enjoy hands-free calling and your favorite tunes with this tiny gadget.

This Mpow Bluetooth Car Adaptor is on is on sale right now for just $9.79 – saving you an amazing 72%.

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver Image Courtesy Amazon

This Amazon best-selling Bluetooth adapter from Mpow is amongst the most popular Bluetooth receivers currently on the market. Along with being incredibly popular, this portable gadget is easy to use and doesn’t require any cumbersome wires to access connectivity.

In addition to its practical and compact design, you can enjoy hands-free calling capabilities as well as top premium sound quality with Mpow’s latest wireless technology that equips audio systems with Bluetooth functionality – meaning you will enjoy crystal clear sound quality.

With its wide range of compatibilities (including most smartphones and tablets), you can connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously and have connectivity guaranteed within a 33 ft range. You also don’t have to worry about always having to charge this device as it is equipped with an extra long built-in battery life, providing you up to 10 hours playing time and only requiring 1.5 hours to fully charge.

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To use: turn on your cell phone’s Bluetooth setting first, and then turn on the Mpow Bluetooth receiver. Look for it to pop up on your phone, select the receiver and it will automatically pair with your phone and car.

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