These Are the Best Bluetooth Car Kits to Trick Out Your Car Stereo

Best Bluetooth Car Kit
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If you have an older car or one that only supports Bluetooth-connected devices to answer the phone but will not play your music, then one of these advanced Bluetooth car kits is a must. These kits are the best way to add hands-free calling and streaming music capabilities to any car, at any time.

In addition to making driving safer and easier, these Bluetooth kits come with a wide variety of extras to make the driving experience much more enjoyable. Advanced audio quality capability allows you to seamlessly stream your music from any Bluetooth-capable device and support your playlist with a full range of audible frequencies with no distortions.

You can also connect up to two Bluetooth-compatible devices simultaneously with a couple of the receivers for multitasking freedom while driving. Although the charging capability of these car kits vary, you do have a few options to choose from. One kit includes a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery allowing your car kit to be charged in the car or at home when not in use.  Or, if you prefer, you can opt for dual USB charger ports that can charge multiple devices at the same time and will automatically detect and charge them at their optimal speeds for the ultimate convenience.


1. Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Car Kit

With Kinivo’s Bluetooth Car Kit, you can seamlessly stream music with high-quality audio and it comes with a built-in microphone and easy-to-use music controls. The kit also provides the audio through your car stereo input when playing music and answering phone calls.

Pros: The BTC450 is compatible with all smartphones, MP3 players and any other Bluetooth-enabled music players.

Cons: You can only connect one device to this car kit.

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2. TaoTronics Bluetooth Car Kit

The TaoTronics Car Kit offers two installation modes that give you universal car compatibility via the magnetic base that is mountable with adhesive tape or an integrated air vent clip. These options allow the receiver to fit in any car, regardless of the make or model and can be fixated exactly where you need it. Lastly, user-friendly and straightforward controls provide for a safer driving experience.

Pros: You can connect up to two Bluetooth-compatible devices with the receiver and enjoy multitasking freedom.

Cons: Use of this device requires an AUX input.

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3. IMDEN Hands-Free Car Kit

A built-in microphone offers hands-free calling, you can play your music via any Bluetooth enabled device or USB flash drive and a smart car locator function allows you the ability to always find your car. This transmitter is perfectly-sized with no wires, no big screen and fits nicely into any cigarette lighter slot.

Pros: Once the device is configured and connected, it will continue to connect automatically when the car is turned on.

Cons: Your smartphone volume is an integral part of the overall performance of the microphone and music playback.

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4. Sumind Car Bluetooth Car Kit

The Sumind Bluetooth Car Kit works with most Bluetooth enabled devices including iPhone, iPad, tablets, and smartphones. It has a radio adapter with wide compatibility and can support a wide variety of formats, an AUX output/input and uses V4.2 of Bluetooth which can save much-needed energy. This car kit also boasts clear sound and call quality, noise cancellation technology and a built-in mic feature that supports hands-free talking to reduce further interference.

Pros: This kit has a unique design and includes a large display that shows the song name, incoming phone numbers, frequencies, music volume, and battery voltage.

Cons: When connected via Bluetooth the audio may not be as loud.

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5. Avantree CK11 Bluetooth Car Kit

The Bluetooth Car Kit by Avantree is a wireless in-car speakerphone that offers crystal clear audio for a distraction-free driving experience. The CK11 allows you to connect to Siri or Google Assistant with ease, receive or send text messages and utilize your navigation features via voice commands. Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones, with this car kit you will also enjoy clear conversations without delay, a longer battery life, and a ‘pair, place and proceed’ setup for easy installation.

Pros: With its dual connect ability, you can connect and charge two phones at once.

Cons: It is not recommended to use it with your smartwatch or for use in trucks.

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6. SoundBot SB360 Bluetooth 4.0 Car Kit

SoundBot’s Bluetooth 4.0 Car Kit instantly turns your car stereo system into a Bluetooth wireless environment for handsfree calls and access to music on your mobile devices. Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices, this kit also features echo and noise reduction technology for continuous and clear conversation and dynamic music streaming wirelessly with no batteries required. Multi-function controls include previous and next buttons that allow for intuitive control command with easy access and simple operation.

Pros: The SoundBot comes with a wearable clip mount for flexible mobilization and optimal call quality placement.

Cons: Does not play through car’s built-in speakers.

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