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This Simple Device Lets You Make Bluetooth Calls In Your Car

* Plugs into your car’s power cigarette lighter
* Plays MP3 files, WAV, FLAC and more
* Two built-in USB outlets let you charge multiple devices

Aside from all the new bonus features and built-in front cameras, one of the biggest differences between new and older vehicles is the inclusion of Bluetooth technology. If your car was built before the days Bluetooth, you can instantly give it wireless connectivity with this handy transmitter.

This multifunctional USB device plugs directly into your car’s power outlet, allowing you to take advantage of Bluetooth technology instantly. Installation is easy: simply plug the Criacr FM Transmitter in, turn your car’s FM radio to an open station, and then set the transmitter to the same station. (Note that finding a station with a loud static output works best). From there, you can play your favorite tunes or enjoy hands-free calling.

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In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, this transmitter also comes packed with two USB ports, making it easier to charge two devices simultaneously while driving. And if that wasn’t enough, this device is able to play almost any type of audio file, including WAV, FLAC, MP3 and more.

With built-in noise and wind suppression, you’re able to listen to your tunes without having to worry about static feedback or less-than-stellar audio quality. Take advantage of three different playing modes or use the built-in microphone to answer the phone without ever having to take your eyes off the road. For under $20, there’s simply no better way to give your vehicle an instant Bluetooth upgrade.