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My Apartment Feels Like a Rave with this Color-Changing, Bluetooth Speaker Lightbulb

* This light bulb changes color and houses a Bluetooth speaker
* The light can be synced to change to the beat of your music
* When not in use, the light bulb is a normal, LED white light

With today’s technology every item in your house should be able to do double duty. That’s certainly the case with this

. In fact, one might argue that this easy-to-install device can actually do triple duty. First, it can light up any room in your house. Second, it can change color for a party effect. And third, it can act like a speaker, syncing to any Bluetooth device.

First and foremost, this Texsens bulb emits light comparable to a 50 watt halogen bulb or a 100 watt incandescent bulb. Plus, the light output is completely adjustable thanks to the included remote control.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

What’s more is that this light bulb can also change color. Using the remote control, you can choose between sixteen different color options or make many more by adjusting the red, green and blue outputs. This feature is sure to impress any guests you have to your house or simply change the mood in your living room or bedroom to that of a rave.

Finally and most impressively, this Texsens bulb also acts as a Bluetooth speaker. It sports Bluetooth 3.0 technology and can connect to a single Bluetooth device in order to play music or any audio you choose. The sound is certainly loud enough to act as background noise or play music for a few people, although you probably wouldn’t be able to entertain a large gathering using a single bulb alone.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

Furthermore, the bulb has the ability to change color in time to your music. Select a song with heavy bass or a rap tune, and you’ll enjoy a light show that moves along to the beat. The bulb is also set up to play music even when the light is off, allowing you to save on electricity when extra lighting isn’t necessary.

If you’re ready to bring a funky atmosphere to your home, invest in this Texsens LED light bulb Bluetooth speaker and start syncing your music to your lighting before your next party.


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