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Never Lose Your Keys Again With This Handy Bluetooth Tracker

* World’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker
* Lets you use your smartphone to locate your keys
* Works with any keychain

It’s one of the most popular Bluetooth trackers on the market, only now it’s 25% smaller. The Tile Mate makes it easier to keep up with your various keys — whether they’re your car keys, home keys, neighbors keys and more. By attaching this simple tracker to your keychain and downloading the free and easy-to-use app, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing or losing your keys again.

Super small and extra light, the Tile Mate was specifically designed to fit anywhere. You can drop it in your purse or clip it to your bag. You can even attach the Tile to your suitcase and other luggage.

By downloading the free app and syncing your Tile to your smartphone, you’re able to check in and get real-time updates on your belongings from anywhere in the world. For the everyday jetsetter, this is extra useful as it helps you keep track of all your checked bags.

Stick the Tile Mate on your car or bike to help keep tabs at all times. You can even use the app to help locate your vehicles if they were stolen. And for when you have your keys but have misplaced your phone, you’re able to program the Tile keychain to make your phone ring — even when it’s set to silent mode.


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