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Bluetti AC60 Adds Sun Power and Water Resistant Design To Carry You Through Your Next Outdoor Adventure may receive financial compensation from affiliate and advertising partnerships on this page and/or when you make a purchase after clicking through partnership links.

We love the utility of today’s portable power stations. It’s just so darn convenient having access to the same conveniences we have at home, but not all power stations are designed to handle the elements. The Bluetti AC60 portable power station is one of the exceptions, offering protection against the elements so that it’ll keep on providing you the power you need, no matter the situation or weather conditions.

What makes the Bluetti AC60 special is its IP65 rating. Meaning, there’s no worry if you intend to use it during harsh weather conditions — such as a passing shower, or frigid temperatures. Most other power stations aren’t designed for use under these conditions. They may be usable if they’re shielded from the weather, like perched under a shade or some sort, but then they require constant attention because let’s face it, water and electricity do not mix.

There’s none of that worry whatsoever with the Bluetti AC60, mainly because the casing has been designed in such a way that it’s shielded from potential damage from the weather. For starters, every vent and outlet has waterproof rubber to prevent any water or dust from entering. When you’re outdoors, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your power station may be damaged by the elements.

Courtesy of Bluetti

Over on the power side of things, the Bluetti AC60 is no slouch. There’s an 806Wh battery that features a cycle life of over 3,000 cycles. In layman’s terms, it simply means that you can recharge this power station over and over again before it reaches its end life. Everything has a certain shelf life, especially when it pertains to batteries, but there’s a long time before you’ll begin to worry about that with the AC60.

Courtesy of Bluetti

Charging all of your favorite gadgets is no problem at all for this power station either, since it packs all the usual ports and outlets we’d expect to find in any competent power station nowadays. You’ll have access to your standard USB-A ports, along with USB-C, to charge smaller devices like tablets and smartphones — as well as outlets to power laptops and other smaller appliances. Frankly, it covers the basics and makes for the perfect companion on your next outdoor adventure.

Courtesy of Bluetti

When you’re off the grid and civilization seemingly miles away, just know that you can still recharge the Bluetti AC60 using an optional solar panel recharge it with the help of sun power. Additionally, it can be recharged in a smidge over 1.2 hours using the included charger, along with support for car or lead-acid battery charging. We dig the sustainable solution with solar charging, even at the expense of having to carry another thing for your trip.

That’s because the Bluetti AC60 is impressively lightweight at 18.9 pounds. It helps, too, that there’s a convenient handle on top to carry it around much easier. Believe us when we say it’s lightweight because it’s a far cry from the 60+ pound weight of other power stations we’ve tested.

And lastly, you can supplement the AC60’s battery life by attaching a Bluetti B80 expansion battery to it. This is wonderful if you intend on using a camper or RV to stay at an isolated location for an extended period of time. You’ll simply have more time using the AC60 before the gas tank hits empty and requires charging.