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Netflix And Chill Anywhere With the Up To $1,800 Off Valentine’s Day Savings On Bluetti Portable Power Stations

Love, it brings couples together. For Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to preserve that bond with activities that you and that special person in your life can enjoy uninterrupted. We have ideas, so that’s probably why you’re here to find out what else you can do beyond just buying roses.

Bluetti’s line of portable power stations may not be the obvious first choice, but hear us out because they have tremendous value when it comes to bringing couples together. Best of all, Bluetti’s Valentine’s Day sale going on right now will snag you upwards of $1,800 off its various power stations.

Whether you’re cozying up by the fire in an outdoor setting, or planning for an upcoming getaway, you may be surprised by how Bluetti’s portable power stations could come in handy.

Camping By the Fire Couples

Don’t let the cold weather outside deter you from outdoor activities. That’s because you can still whip up romantic activities outdoors with the frigid weather with the help of Bluetti’s most portable sized power stations.

The Bluetti EB3A is one of its most compact sized portable power stations, making it perfect for quick weekend getaways. You’ll have everything for your next camping trip by the fire excursion with AC outlets to power your more demanding gear, as well as 100W USB-C power delivery to recharge your favorite mobile gadgets.

Courtesy of Bluetti

Even better, it’s equipped with a handy LED light on the front for instant light when you’re winding down in the tent at night. You can also pair it with the PV68 Solar Power, so the EB3A can be topped off in time for when the sun goes down.

Need something with more power? Then make the upgrade and get the Bluetti EB55.

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Power For the Road Warriors

While weekend getaways are wonderful, some people would much rather take an extended break — going on for several days or even weeks. When you’re out for that longer period of time, you’ll need something way more substantial like the Bluetti AC200 Max.

Courtesy of Bluetti

This herculean sized power station doesn’t mess around, offering van lifers and seasoned campers enough charge to power their most cherished modern conveniences in the great outdoors. In fact, it can power a 60W fridge for 28-hours continuously before it’s tapped now. And not only does it offer just about every port you can imagine, but there are also two wireless charging pads to charge your phones.

But it doesn’t end there thanks to the possibility of endless power with the solar panel bundle. 

Courtesy of Bluetti
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Netflix And Chill When The Power Goes Out

You’re spending Valentine’s Day all snuggled up on the couch when the unthinkable happens. The power suddenly cuts out. Not only is your favorite streaming service out of commission, but it also disrupts the mood.

Courtesy of Bluetti

Well, you won’t have much to worry about with the Bluetti EP500 Pro Solar Power Station. It was made for the home for exactly these kinds of situations. With its built-in wheels and 5,100Wh LiFePO4 Battery Backup, it’s easier to move around the home to power anything you need — including that fancy TV you’re probably watching Netflix on.

Impressively, the Bluetti EP500Pro Solar Power Station is versatile enough to be a whole-home power generator. It’s even strong enough to charge an electric car. All of this points to one of the best power generators with tons of utility.

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If all of these ideas aren’t enough to convince you about all the special case uses for power stations, Bluetti is having a giveaway contest during this Valentine’s Day Sale. They’ll be giving away $20 coupons to lucky winners, with a chance to win the EB3A and PV68 power stations.