This New Robot Is About to Take Over the Fast Food Market

momentum machines burger robot
Image courtesy Momentum Machines
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* The BurgerBot is able to dish out over 400 burgers an hour
* It can also dice tomatoes, toast buns and take customized orders
* Experts believe these types of bots will soon replace human workers

You might be surprised to soon find your fast food cashier has been replaced with a robot. Meet the BurgerBot, a one-robot grilling machine that could be coming to a fast food restaurant near you. With the ability to churn out over 400 burgers an hour, this completely autonomous bot is looking to put fast food workers out of a job. Oh, and did we mention it can also dice tomatoes, toast your bun and even stack all those delicious toppings too?

Overhead staffing costs have long an issue for restaurant owners. In order to keep prices low, most fast food chains pay their employees paltry sums. Now, with the BurgerBot able to perform tasks faster, more efficiently and for a fraction of the cost, the switch from human to automation may come sooner than you think.

In fact, the change has already started. In China, automatic kiosks help take your orders; in Japan, robot greeters welcome and serve customers in participating Pizza Huts. Speaking to CNBC, Yum Brands CEO Greg Creed believes robotic fast food workers will be commonplace in the near future. “We’ll see a dramatic change in how machines run things,” says Creed.

Momentum Machines, the company behind the BurgerBot, is already in the process of opening their own restaurant in the Bay Area with these robots ready to take, make and serve your next meal. The grand opening is expected in the near future.