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Cable Clutter Be Gone — The BlueLounge Cable Drop Is Here

* Cable management system to tidy everyday charging cables
* Easy grab release design to fit cables you use most
* Includes 2 cable drop blocks – ideal for phone, tablet and laptop chargers

Eradicate that ugly cable mess next to your desk using a simple cable drop grip. With space for your most regularly used charging cables, the BlueLounge CableDrop can be placed wherever you need it, holding all your cables at the ready.

The pill-shaped device has a sleek black color and features a self-adhesive back. That means the cable drop can be attached to any bedside table, kitchen counter, office desk or any other place you have unsightly cable clutter. The strong adhesive ensures that your attached cables remain anchored exactly where you put them.

Every CableDrop system can hold up to 4 cables. The 2 outer slots have been designed to grip loosely, allowing you to easily grab and store your most regularly moved cables in these grooves. The 2 inner slots have a slightly tighter grip which is great for cables that generally stay in the same place.


This clever little device is ideal for preventing frustrating moments when you drop a cable behind your desk or nightstand. After you install BlueLounge’s cable management system, you’ll never have to waste time blindly digging around for the correct cord or device charger.

The Bluelounge CableDrop Cable Management System is an inexpensive and minimally intrusive way to organize your cables. A great way to remove that wired bird’s nest in your bedroom or office, the cable drop will have your spaces tidy in a cinch.


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