This $19 Box Will Hide and Organize Your Cables Effortlessly

Storage Solutions: This Box Will Hide
Image Courtesy of Amazon
Image Courtesy of Amazon

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* Robust organizer keeps your cables clutter-free
* Transparent top gives you instant access to your outlets
* Smart design helps prevent overheating

You’ve got your laptop, your desktop, your Xbox and your TV. Yeah, the typical living room is filled with cables, but that doesn’t mean your cables have to fill the room. This new organizer stores all your various plugs and chargers, so you can enjoy a clutter-free work or living space.

At roughly 15 x 5 inches long, this organizer has ample room to hold all your cables and cords. It’s also able to securely store your surge protectors, too. A transparent top lets you look inside and see how your cables are arranged, which makes it easier when you need to check which cables are (and aren’t) working.

cable box organizer Image Courtesy of Amazon

Not only is this organizer extra efficient, it’s also a much safer alternative to simply leaving your various cords lying about. A smart grid structure build helps encourage air flows and prevents your cables from overheating. You can rest easy knowing your plugs are safe. Plus, the high-quality build is made to last.

It also comes with four handy velcro ties, so you can mount it on a wall, stick it on your desk, or simply store it somewhere out of sight. If you’re tired of looking at your oodles of overlapping cables, this organizer is a must.