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Charge Two Phones at Once With the Maxboost Car Charger

* Ultra compact design
* Dual USB smart charging ports
* Provides 2.4A charging in each port

The Maxboost car charger is one of the top picks among the current generation of 2-port smart chargers. It features two smart ports and offers a total of 4.8A/ 24W charging capacity. The Maxboost car charger plugs into your car’s 12V in-dash port. Once the provence of in-car cigarette lighters, these 12V ports are nowadays almost exclusively used for phone charging (although some car makers do still offer cigarette lighters, they are sometimes bundled, like BMW does, as part of a “smoker’s package” option group) and modern cars frequently offer multiple 12V ports for various devices. For road trips with friends, a dual port smart charger like the Maxboost is a virtual necessity.

Packing enough juice to simultaneously charge two standard smartphones or wearable devices like Fitbits or Apple Watches, the Maxboost car charger helps put at least one road trip argument to rest. Plus, thanks to its smart charging capabilities, the Maxboost car charger can safely handle two iPhones plugged in via USB-Lightning connectors at the same time without slowing the charge to an agonizing trickle.

You and your traveling companions can both enjoy the benefits of a fully charged phone, tablet or other device. The Maxboost car charger also works with Android and other smartphones of course, and will power any USB device requiring up to 2.4A charging. Especially designed to be small and light, the Maxboost car charger fits comfortably in the former cigarette-lighter space in most car dashboards and won’t interfere with gear shifts, climate control panels or cup-holders.

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