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This $17 Device Brings Your Outdated Car Stereo Into The Modern Age With Bluetooth Connect for Music

* This $17 device is a life saver for your audio needs
* Plugin, tune-in and turn up
* A Bluetooth device that uses radio waves to play your music

Does your older model of car have no way for you to play music off your smartphone via an aux cord or Bluetooth connectivity? It is a common problem with cars that have an outdated stereo system but it is nonetheless an annoying one. It is a necessity nowadays to have access to hands-free calling while driving as well as being able to play music and podcasts while sitting in hours of traffic or driving cross-country. While there are many auto devices and tech that can improve your driving experience, this under $20 find is probably the greatest gadget to solve all the problem of connectivity in one. So good that I had to try it out for myself.

I drive a 2006 Pontiac Vibe and there is no auxiliary cord to connect my phone, so, until recently I was playing CD’s and answering my phone with my hands—a serious offense if you live in California. This small device was super easy to use, all I had to do was plug it into my cigarette lighter and wait for it to click on, then I put it into pairing mode so I could connect my iPhone and within a moment it recognized my phone and my name popped up on the LCD screen. I found a clear radio station via my car radio and then found the same station on the device. All of a sudden my favorite music was coming through the speakers and I was able to answer an incoming call, just like that.

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Courtesy of Amazon

When I was driving long-distance through Wyoming and Idaho last week, there was a little static coming through my speakers as there was very low radio signal that far off the grid, but it wasn’t a problem that persisted once we got into more populated locales. It is designed with advanced noise reduction technology so sound quality is mostly clear and crisp when tuning in. You can also charge your phone, or most smart devices, by plugging it into the USB slot, giving you all of the amenities that newer cars now come standard with.

One Amazon reviewer and customer commented on the usability of the device saying, “You can set it up with empty FM station on your radio or use the aux cord that’s provided with the unit if you have an aux port. I can even have Siri open my Amazon music app and then tell Alexa to play my Amazon music which I thought was a cool extra. You can control your music with voice or skip or go back with the buttons on the unit. Hands-free calling, music and navigation.” Another reviewer mentioned that you should turn the device off when parking for the night because it can drain your battery, something to be mindful of. We seriously recommend this device for people who need a simple solution to connect their device to their car easily without having to replace any parts or update their stereo system.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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