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This Cheap Kitchen Scale Will Help You Lose Weight — And It’s Under $12

Etekcity makes a lot of cool gadgets, and today have a really good kitchen scale on sale with 21% off. It’s normally $13.99, which isn’t bad anyway, but today has a clip coupon which will reduce the price by $3, making it kind of a steal. A kitchen scale is a massive boon when it comes to cooking, because being able to measure out ingredients accurately is essential for baking, and can help with portion control as well.

This particular scale also has a few nifty features that make it more than worth the asking price. It’s stainless steel, which means it won’t get messed up by what’s put on it, but also means it’s very easy to clean. It has a bright LCD display to help the user read the weight in weird lighting, and has multiple modes to show off different measurements, or to better measure liquids as well.

It’s not massive either, which makes it far easier to store, just in case it’s in the kitchen of someone who owns one of the best kitchen drawer organizers. If weighing things that aren’t food is important, then it’s worth taking a look at SPY’s list of the best smart scales, because owning one of them is a surefire way to, well, weigh.

$10.99 $13.99 21% off

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This kitchen scale has an easy-to-read LCD display, which means there’s never an issue in knowing the weight of something. It can also switch between modes in order better measure liquids or show weights in different measurements. Not only that, but it’s made of stainless steel, so it’ll stay clean and not rust, and it has an auto-off function to make sure there’s no wasted energy at any point.