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Daily Deal: Every Parent Should Have This $40 Hack To Monitor Their Kids’ Devices

* Set parental controls on your household’s devices
* Filter content, set time limits, pause the internet, and more
* On sale at Amazon today for 60% off

This new device sets parental controls on all your home’s gadgets, and today it’s heavily discounted on Amazon.

The Circle (finally) gives parents control over the household devices. Today, the Circle is on sale for 60% off, bringing the price tag down from $100 to just $40. But make sure to take advantage of these savings quick – it’s a unique device that won’t be on sale long.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

Browsing through shows on Netflix and HBO, checking Snaps, and posting on Instagram is great, but it means everyone can browse, post, and absorb everything – including your little ones. And although you might be a Game of Thrones fan, you probably don’t want your 5-year-old watching…. well… everything that happens on GoT.

The Circle connects to your WiFi network, and allows you set limits on screen time with certain apps, filter content, and even shut down the internet (your kids know how to plug the router back in). It’s all controlled from an easy-to-use, detailed app where you can set limits and filters for each individual family member, check stats, and much more.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

The handy app lets you monitor your family’s online consumption, filter questionable content and even set a “bedtime” for internet use. Reviewers love how easy the Circle is to set up and use, and praise it for being an easy way to track their kids’ online presence without having to install pricey (and potentially virus-filled) programs on their computers and phones. You can also create individual profiles for every member of the family, so everyone can track their progress, and be greeted with digital “rewards” for time well spent.

This new model is an officially-licensed collaboration with Disney, and was a huge hit during the holidays. It’s a great device to have at home, and makes a great gift for friends with kids too. Grab it now at the discounted price and get your family on track when they’re online.