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A $40 Robotic Duster – Just Don’t Call It a Roomba

* Self-driving robotic duster for cleaning hard floors
* Flexible base and low device profile ensure maximum area is cleaned
* Similar design to the market-leading Roomba vacuum

Following the huge success of Roomba, the self-driving vacuum cleaner, more and more household developers are following suit and turning to self-contained machines that can take care of every day chores unsupervised.

Whether it’s washing the windows, cleaning the gutters or in this case, dusting hardwood floors, these intelligent robots not only feel like a step into the future, they also provide a quality service that saves you loads of time.

Along the same lines, O-Cedar is a smart dusting robot that looks similar to Roomba. Its low profile and circular design allow it to travel around a room, causing minimal disturbance while constantly readdressing its course. The low height also allows it to clean almost everywhere, including under the beds, sofas, lounge chairs and most household furniture.

This smart robot is great for all kinds of hard floors, including linoleum, marble, laminate and wood tiles. The disposable, electrostatic cleaning cloths are easily replaced and are ideal for cleaning floors, including picking up stubborn pet hair. Once the cloth is finished or saturated with dirt, simply peel it away and dispose of it.

In addition, O-Cedar’s flexible base was designed to maximize the area cleaned by allowing it to push further into corners and nearer to furniture before the auto navigation kicks in to change the robotic duster’s course. It also features two cleaning programs depending on your requirements – a short 30-minute clean or a 120-minute long clean.

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