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Meet the Coffee Cookie: The Puck-Sized Wonder That Keeps Your Coffee Hot

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Hot coffee is awesome. Cold-brewed coffee is awesome. Hot coffee gone lukewarm, or cold? Not awesome. Hot coffee gone cold gets tossed.

But how are you supposed to keep a hot cuppa hot on the go? Especially now, staring down the barrel of winter? With the Coffee Cookie—the USB-powered rechargeable warmer that fits easily in your pocket, that’s how.

The Coffee Cookie snaps into the bottom of most standard paper coffee cups and stays there securely as you take it on the move. (If it doesn’t, no biggie—it makes a great coaster and works just as well that way.) When your coffee reaches your ideal drinkable temperature, turn on the Coffee Cookie and it keeps your drink right at that temperature twice as long as normal. Plenty of time for you to finish every drop at the optimal temp and flavor.

When you’re done, toss the cup, and either pocket the Coffee Cookie, or plug it back in for your next cup. It takes only an hour to fully recharge and be ready for action again! The Coffee Cookie is powered by an internal battery which has a lifespan of about a year.

There are rechargeable mugs, sure. But do you want to carry around a dirty empty mug all day? The Coffee Cookie can be slipped into a pocket or a bag, and best of all you don’t have to wash it.

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Here’s some simple math for you: Most coffee joints will hit you up for four, five, maybe six bucks per cup. If you drink, say, three quarters of the cup before it goes dismally cold and toss the rest, that’s about a buck going into the trash. The Coffee Cookie goes for $15.50 shipping included. If you’re a dedicated java chugger, you’re making that money back in two weeks or less!

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The team behind the Coffee Cookie came upon their amazing idea as MIT students. Which makes sense not only because, well, MIT, but also because the Coffee Cookie is a great dorm accessory. Send one to your favorite student for those all-nighters. Send them two—one for the room and one for the road!

And here’s a cool fringe benefit: the Coffee Cookie team donates 10% of their profits to charity. So you can double down on that good feeling whenever you grab a cup from your favorite coffee joint.

The Coffee Cookie got its start on Instagram, where its makers and devotees alike post pictures of it on the go. It’s easy to see how the Coffee Cookie is the perfect little gadget to keep your coffee hot and happy wherever you are!


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