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See Things In a Different Light With These Color Correction Photography Filters

Most people are familiar with the basics of color temperature, even if they don’t know the terminology. Some rooms have soft, warm whites, and other rooms have cooler whites. If you’ve ever sat in a dim trendy restaurant and then gone to a bright grocery store, you can easily see the effect of lighting temperature. While our brains are capable of adjusting for the way lighting looks, cameras aren’t quite as smart. A skilled photographer has to use whatever tricks they have to get the desired colors they want. One of the most useful tools in a photographer’s kit for adjusting lighting is a color correction lens.

The kits on this list feature several lenses to help account for undesirable lighting, such as UV protection lenses, circular polarizers, and FLD filters, which helps when shooting in fluorescent lighting. Plus, some of these kits include bonuses like carrying pouches and microfiber cloths, to make sure your view — and your photos — are as clear as can be.

1. Zeikos Professional Lens Filter Kit

This filter kit is available for camera lenses ranging from 40.5 to 86mm, so it’s easy to choose the one that fits your lens. The UV lens protects from scratches and dust, as well as unwanted ultraviolet light. There’s also a fluorescent filter for color correction and a polarizer to cut glare.

Pros: Available for a wide variety of camera sizes; comes with reliable and inexpensive filters.

Cons: Build quality could be better

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2. Polaroid Optics 72mm 4-Piece Filter Kit Set

Like the other kits, this option from Polaroid has a circular polarizer, a UV filter, and a fluorescent filter. It also includes a warming filter, which adds natural-looking warmth to subjects, especially skin tones. Lens options range from 37 to 95mm, and it comes with a carrying pouch.

Pros: Comes with a warming filter, in addition to three other essential filters. Available for a very wide range of lens sizes.

Cons: Warming filter could be better.

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3. 58mm Vivitar 3 Piece UV Kit

This basic, affordable kit comes with UV, CPL, Warming, and FLD filters. There’s also carrying pouch and a cleaning cloth. It’s available for a range of cameras. Though on the affordable side, these lenses are still quite effective at cutting glare and improving photo quality.

Pros: Comes with carrying case and cleaning cloth.

Cons: Build quality could be better.

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