Your Car is Smarter Than You Think: The Connected Car Adapter Lets it Speak

The Connected Car Adapter That Helps
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* Lets you look up and clear check engine light codes
* Provides real time engine and gas mileage data
* Connects with third-party apps to measure performance

This connected car adapter from Automatic is a true multifunction OBD II reader which pairs with your smartphone, computer or other smart device like an Apple Watch using the included app.

A great move in the direction of convenience and ease of use, it unlocks the myriad of functions enabled by your car’s advanced data logging – and you don’t have to have a brand new Audi with built-in MMS and 4G in order to use the connected car adapter either.

Connected Car Adapter


The OBD II reader in the Automatic works with almost any car built for the U.S. market after 1995. Its Automatic app uses the data that cars record anyway and uses it to construct useful features like an adaptive trip computer that helps you maximize your MPG and save money on gas. It also allows you to scan and interpret check engine or “service engine soon” codes. If that dashboard light comes on in the middle of your drive and you want to know whether it’s something as simple as a loose fuel-filler cap or an O2 sensor going bad, the Automatic app and connected car adapter will tell you, all without having to pay a shop upwards of $80 just to plug in a code reader.

Plus, the app will offer to clear minor or stored codes and even comes with mechanic recommendations based on make and model information. This can be especially handy if your car’s registration renewal includes a smog check notice, letting you save time and money on diagnostics.

The connected car adapter also goes way beyond a mere code reader, offering functions like teen driver mode which offers input on smoother and more efficient driving, along with safety features like crash alert and road hazard warnings. A great feature for business drivers, the Automatic app also allows for seamless mileage expensing. Plus, it opens up a world of third-party performance apps for car enthusiasts.

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