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First Look: Cooler Master’s Super Light MM712 Gaming Mouse Glides Through Air Effortlessly

Cooler Master, a company well-known for its interesting gaming peripherals and computer components, is today introducing the world to the Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse. Built with speed and precision in mind, the mouse weighs a mere 59g, has an adjustable DPI of up to 19,000, and even has hybrid wireless connectivity, all for $69.99.

Any PC gamer knows that the key to improving is your tech way beyond just having one of the best gaming PCs. Whether you’re looking for the best gaming mouse or the best gaming keyboard, what you’re using has a huge influence on how well you play. It’s one of the reasons why there are so many options out there now, so standing out is a tall task for any new device.

Cooler Master already has a fair bit of clout though, and the new MM712 Gaming Mouse aims to supplant the company’s current best offering with improved accuracy, speed, and a lightweight design that’ll let you keep gaming for hours on end.

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Courtesy of Cooler Master


What We Love About the Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse

A good lightweight mouse is becoming increasingly important as people tend to play games for longer in one sitting, and we’re all looking to keep our wrists healthy and fresh. Keeping things light means there’s less pressure when moving the mouse, and that helps whether you’re playing a first-person shooter, a real-time strategy game, or just enjoying a nice point-and-click game. That’s why the weight of the MM712 Gaming Mouse is such a big deal because it’s only 59 grams in total weight (0.138 pounds).

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Not only that, but that light weight combines with the pure PTFE feet for incredible ease of movement. Being lightweight helps a lot, but even if you do decide to plug the mouse in to use it, the ultraweave cable should allow for very little resistance. All of this also comes in a mouse that’s not full of holes, which is good news for people who don’t like the idea of a mouse filled with their own skin cells, which we assume is everyone.

It’s not just the weight that adds to the speed of the mouse though because, with an adjustable DPI of up to 19,000 and a dual connection of both 2.4GHhz and Bluetooth 4.0, this mouse is fast in just about every way. You can also customize the colors and buttons with the custom software too, which is always a nice bonus. All of these features could well make it one of the best PC gaming accessories.

Finally, Cooler Master says that the new wireless gaming mouse has been upgraded with new honeycomb shell housing, a seamless chassis and an ambidextrous shape for right- and left-handed gamers.


Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse Pricing And Availability

If you’re already unplugging your current mouse and ready to throw it in the trash in preparation for the Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse, then at least wait until you’ve ordered one first. You’ll be happy to know that this mouse will only be $69.99, and will be available via retailers such as Amazon.

Currently, the MM712 is only available for pre-order; it’s set to be officially released on October 18.

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Courtesy of Cooler Master


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